Let’s Rearrange, Shall We?

Scarf 10Yes, let’s.  Let’s rearrange my monthly goals.  I have a few reasons and I feel the need to hash them out here, so enjoy.
1.) April is my “Blog” month, and I was hoping to catch up, way up, all the way up.  It just that blogging, at least for me, requires chunks of time to edit pictures, crank out my thoughts, edit them into coherent sentences, and occasionally weave them all together nicely.  I can typically accomplish this while Hannah naps, but the thing is, Jayce is home now for spring break, and his spring break is half of the month.  
Let me say that again.  He is literally out of school for half of the month, not returning until April 16.  So there have not been tons of large (or small) chunks of uninterrupted time during the days around here.  This is fine, I adore my boy and I love having him home with me.  But I’m just going to let myself off the hook because of this and say that I’m not going to get super caught up on blogging this month and that is okay.  There was no reason in particular that I picked “Blog” for April, so it is fine to do a little switching.  It works great because…
RP 132.) I’m switching April to “Sew.”  There are tons of good reasons for this/I am justifying it, just roll with me here.
-I cannot blog in small chunks of time, but I can do little sewing things in that time, so my “goal time” is not wasted.
-I was contacted last week by a blogger to test a pattern and it was due yesterday.   I sewed and sewed this weekend, (and cut and ripped and re-stitched), but now I’m done, which scratched off two of my sewing to do’s: sew a buttonhole and make Hannah a dress from scratch.
-On Friday I finally got my new sewing machine!  This is my belated birthday present and I’m so thrilled with it, but haven’t tried it yet.  It’s sitting there staring at me in that, “I’m new and intimidating, go read your manual” sort of way that new electronic things do.  But I’m excited about it and using my “spare” time to get acquainted with it seems more appealing than trying to crank a blog out of that time.
-I have a few bits left to finish from March’s “Decorate” goal, and they are sewing-related.  So I will kill two birds with one stone.  That or my new goal will help me accomplish last month’s goal.  Something like that.
3.) So when will I actually catch up on my blogging?  June.  Mom and Chelsea are coming to visit in May and I’m not blogging while they’re here, but I will want to blog about what we did once they’ve gone.  So it will be June.
March2 10Sounds perfect, right?  Right.
 *I am still planning to do my three posts per week pace so that I don’t fall behind/further behind.  There is plenty to share that is still current enough to not fall into the backlog.  Stay tuned. 🙂