Listening to a crying baby is no way to blog

In an attempt to distract myself from my son, whom Chris and I are trying to let “cry it out” at naptime, I am starting what I have put off for long enough, the blog.
I have gone around and around in my head about the format of the blog, should it be mostly pictures, updates about what we’re doing, my more personal thoughts? I have finally decided to not decide and just start.
But what is going on right now is the baby is crying, we’re trying to do the Babywise thing, and we’re giving it a week to see how well he can get himself to sleep in his crib for his naps. For the last 2 days it has taken 1 hour and 20 minutes for him to fall asleep and it is torture all around!! However, I have heard a million people say that if you just stick it out, the crying gets less and less as the week goes on and it is well worth it. I have never heard someone say that once they started letting their child cry themself to sleep, they were emotionally scarred and never hugged again. So we’re giving it a shot.

This picture is from the other night after Chris “rescued” Jayce from a crying episode and he fell immediately asleep in his arms.