Little Birthday Party

Since Jayce’s birthday fell on a weekday this year and Chris had to work, I thought he might like to have some of his little friends over to play. I invited several of my friends and their kids over that morning for a birthday play date. We ended up with 17 people: 7 moms, 4 three year olds, 5 one year olds and 1 almost one year old. It was a bit of chaos, but fun chaos! Most of the kids (and moms) knew each other already from school, church, the library, etc, and it was fun to see the little ones all in different stages of crawling, walking, eating and playing.
I pulled out all of Jayce’s toys and the kids spread around the downstairs and played, while the moms sat around and caught up a bit. (And yes, maybe I had a little bit of an ulterior motive to get together with my friends too.)
We had a simple 1-3 year old friendly menu: strawberries, oranges, graham crackers, apples, carrots, and of course, cupcakes. I hadn’t planned to decorate since it wasn’t really a formal “party” or anything, but as I was setting things out I remembered that I still had some bits from Jayce’s party with my family that we hadn’t used, so I set those out as well. Chelsea and I had punched out all of these little stars, 1’s, and balloons for confetti, so I was glad that I finally got to use them.

I meant to get a few more pictures but as you might imagine we were all pretty busy chatting and keeping an eye on the activity! Jayce seemed to have a great time. He was a little bewildered at first when everyone showed up, but quickly became really excited and joined in all of the activity.

Thanks everyone for coming over! We had a great time, and I hope that your kids slept as well afterwards as the very tired birthday boy!!

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  1. We had a great time too. Thanks for inviting us. We really need to get together more often. Yes, both boys took great naps!

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