London With Kids

A few weeks ago, we jumped on the train after lunch and went into downtown London for the afternoon.  Chris and I have spent several days in London, so we didn’t really have a particular list of things we wanted to see or do, just wander around a bit, sightsee, and periodically let the kids out to play.  So that’s exactly what we did.
Recently Updated2Centrallondon 4Centrallondon 5Centrallondon 6Jayce was very curious, but unsure about the various people that are painted up like statues, so he gave one some change so that he could get a picture with her.  Even after she proved to be friendly, he still hadn’t made up his mind.

Centrallondon 8Centrallondon 13

Centrallondon 9Centrallondon 14Centrallondon 11We walked along the river, and Jayce pointed out, “This is London, just like in the Olympics!” which I thought was cool.
Centrallondon 28Centrallondon 15
Centrallondon 21Centrallondon 25He had to endure more pictures, of course, but this one was while he was still on the stroller, so it required even less effort than usual on his part.
Centrallondon 32We made our way towards this park, stopped to feed the wildlife, and then feed ourselves a little bit.
Centrallondon 37Centrallondon 36Centrallondon 38Centrallondon 39Centrallondon 41Centrallondon 42Centrallondon 43The park had a few little play areas, so we hung out there for a bit to let the kids explore and stretch their legs.
Centrallondon 49Recently Updated5I spy my girl and my boy…
Centrallondon 57Recently Updated4Centrallondon 58Centrallondon 59Then we moved on and circled back towards the river.
Centrallondon 60I got Jayce this book before we moved here, so we had to go visit the Lion.  
(Ps-Look at the building in picture above and on the book cover. I didn’t even do that on purpose.)
Centrallondon 62Recently Updated3Centrallondon 66
Then back across the bridge by the Eye.  It was a bit chilly, but a BEAUTIFUL afternoon.
Centrallondon 68Centrallondon 69Centrallondon 70
The last time that we went to London, I was pregnant with Jayce, so it seemed slightly surreal to be back with him as a boy.  I had imagined before that we would bring him at some point, but I never guessed that it would be this early in his life.  What a blessing.
Centrallondon 71Centrallondon 72
We ate dinner in London, then headed home, and were in just before the kids’ bedtimes.  The ease of “an afternoon in London” still seems crazy to me.  Crazy and wonderful.

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