London’s Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland 40

When mom came to visit at the end of December we took one afternoon and headed into the city to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.

Winter Wonderland 2

I think I was expecting a big winter fair.  And it was that.  Except it was huge.
I’ve never been to anything like it other than an actual amusement park.  It had a circus, a Christmas market, an ice skating rink, a Santa’s grotto, a Magic Ice Kingdom, a German market, and a host of other things.  There were several different sections of rides, each themed, and each one had a few different rides that seemed too big or grand to just be at a “pop up” sort of amusement park.
We had this conversation several times.
Look how tall that ride is!!  That’s like a legit roller coaster!!  I can’t believe they have something like that here!
There’s no way I’m riding that.
Really cool and legit Winter Wonderland or not, I’m not really interested in riding a fair roller coaster that is scarily high.  Anyway.

Winter Wonderland 4Winter Wonderland 5

Aside from the tall and crazy rides there was a good collection of non-tall and non-crazy kids rides, and my kids were excited to make the rounds.  The beloved Helter Skelter was there and both kids were beaming as they came down the huge swirly slide.
Winter Wonderland 6Winter Wonderland 46Winter Wonderland 7Winter Wonderland 10Winter Wonderland 11Winter Wonderland 45Winter Wonderland 8
Also there were plenty of booths, food, sights, and other winter wonderland-y things to take in. 
Winter Wonderland 13Winter Wonderland 15Winter Wonderland 18Winter Wonderland 17

Winter Wonderland 20Winter Wonderland 19Winter Wonderland 22

I’m not sure what my entire family was looking at in this picture, but I like it.

Winter Wonderland 24Winter Wonderland 28Winter Wonderland 29Winter Wonderland 30

The only adult to ride a ride was Chris on the bumper cars and it was 6 pounds very well spent.  Once Hannah had run around the place and exhausted herself, we took advantage of some of the other fair perks, such as coffee, candied apples, chocolate-covered strawberries, cotton candy, etc.  We wandered and wandered until we made our way out, which took longer than you might have thought.

Winter Wonderland 33Winter Wonderland 34Winter Wonderland 35

The lake was beautiful and picturesque so I made everyone stop for pictures, and then we made our way home.  

Winter Wonderland 36Winter Wonderland 38Winter Wonderland 37Winter Wonderland 39

This was mom’s last day, (I’ll write about the rest in a bit-one batch of photos at a time!) and it was a nice way to wrap up her trip.  It was out of the ordinary, festive, not too expensive or difficult to get to, but good memories and lots of sweets.

Winter Wonderland 41