Louisville: Memorable & Highlights

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We left the farm and headed to spend a week in Louisville.
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-Spending time with Andy and Patsy, who the kids and I hadn’t seen in a year!
-Visiting with Mr Keith.  His health has been up and down this past year, particularly after Mrs Keith’s passing.  We weren’t always sure we’d get to visit with him this summer, so we stopped by to see him several times that week.
-Watching the kids re-discover many of their old toys from home that have found a new temporary home at Grandma’s.  There were so many times those first few days where Jayce would suddenly exclaim, “Mom, look!  I remember this from our blue house!!”
-Cousin time, again.
-Andy and Patsy had organized a big cookout one night that we were there, and invited Chris extended family and numerous close family friends.  It let us catch up a little bit with a lot of different people, and let them see the kids which is really all that people want at this stage of the game.  (I’m not complaining, I understand completely.)

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-Hannah helping Grandpa “ride the tractor.”  Aka, mow the grass.
-Jayce and Hannah’s delight at riding bikes and scooters on the driveway.  London is great, but we miss having a driveway with a bunch of ride on toys to zoom around on.
-The sprinkler, the little pool, the kids’ old treehouse with the hose, watering flowers, watering feet and nearby people, etc.  Overall, being able to play outdoors in the water in a low key way.  I’ve missed that for the kids this past summer, since we spent the last few almost entirely on the back porch with the water table or our backyard with various sprinklers.
-There were so many kids at the cookout, it was crazy.  Almost everyone there had at least 2 kids with them, most of them age 5 or under, and it was kid chaos.  Not in a bad way, but just in that way where every parent and grandparent is on duty, at all times, manning potty needs, food and drink needs, re-directing kids who want the same toy, keeping the smaller/younger ones from being knocked around by the bigger kids, carrying on various 90 second conversations, before being pulled away by some need or another.  Also, there was a bouncy castle involved.  The kids absolutely loved it.  Like I said, it was kid chaos.  I really meant to get a picture of it all, I think there were around 20 kids, but honestly it was just too busy.  Even with my phone I couldn’t manage one. 🙂
-Everyone going crazy over Jayce’s accent, which seemed to be full force in his excitement at having so many kids around.  I was reminded again that it’s not that he sounds very English, he just has a more formal way of saying what he’s saying, but he definitely does have British inflection.  People kept coming over and telling me things he had said.  Including, he turned to the father of some friends of ours with twin girls and said, “Excuse me, but, these two look like they could be twins!”  ðŸ™‚
-Jayce and Hadley went to get a drink in the water fountain at church while Chris and I were talking to other people and ended up splashing around until they were completely soaked.  I guess after a few weeks of playing in fountains on vacation, it is hard to turn off the mental switch that tells you that every fountain is for playing in.
-The kids loved the animals, particularly the cats.  Hannah couldn’t keep every animals’ name straight, and often just called them all Sassy, the name of the indoor cat.  They were eager to help too, Jayce helping feed/water the dogs, and Hannah helping water the flowers at every turn.  It was a good visit.
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