My friend was just sharing on her blog how her daughter was singing a worship song in the car, and it made me think of something similar that has been going on around our house that I want to remember.

J 1

I mentioned before how Jayce has started singing along with everything these last few weeks, and I’ve been surprised by how many lyrics he knows of different songs.

Last week, he started singing I Love You Lord, and it’s so sweet! It’s even cuter than normal because of the little 3 year old voice, with 3 year old pronunciations, and 3 year old word mix-ups. It goes a bit like this.

I wuv you word,

and I wift my boys,

to worship you

oh my sword, rejoice…

Great, right?!

J 2

He’s also been singing this, with profound accuracy.

Country girl, shake it for me, girl. Shake it for me, girl. Shake it for me.

I just hope he doesn’t sing it at school.

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