March Chatter

Dishes 3

By titling my post by March but posting it in April, I’m just admitting that I’m a little behind in these funny little sayings of my little guy. But I had to get them down before they slipped away, along with the rest of my memory these days…

Dishes 1

The pictures are of one of our best ways to make slow days go by a little faster, particularly on the long rainy days when there is no chance of going outside, or on the days when Chris is away and there is little to break up the day. I let Jayce get a variety of cups and spoons and he “cooks” for me in the sink. This normally works in the bathtub, but since I struggle with the tub these days the sink is a better solution. Enjoy.

Dishes 2

Sweet Sayings

While helping Chris install the new dvd player.

Great job, Dad.

Mom, you’re my sweetie and I’m your sweetheart.

After watching the Incredibles.

Mom, I want to be incredible and I rescue you.

Dishes 4

On getting the last Word

To me: I love you, Mom.

Me: I love you too, sweetie.

Him: No, I love you too sweetie too, Mom.

He also does a re-enforcing “You’re welcome too,” at the end of the thank you exchange.

J: Thanks Mom.

Me: You’re welcome.

J: You’re welcome too.

I’m tempted to say thanks again, but I have to supress it or this circle may never stop.

J, rudely: I want…NOW!

Me: Excuse me! You are not the boss around here son,

J, interrupting sweetly: No Mom. I not the boss. You’re the boss.

Dishes 7


Chris and Jayce were working on something in the kitchen the other day, and Chris looked up to see Jayce in his own little world, wiggling his shoulders and shaking his hips, saying, “Like a G-6, like a G-6, like a G-6.” (I can’t think of the group that sings that song, but you know which one I mean.) He also has told me at other times, “Mom, I like that song where that girls says ‘Like a G-6.'” This is particularly funny because at first he was singing “Like a G-6,” but he was saying, “like a cheese stick, like a cheese stick.” I guess that is why the song is a little more memorable to a 2 year old.

While playing with Mr Potato Head

J: Mom, where I put Mr Potato Head’s penis?

Me, deflecting: I don’t know buddy, but his eyes go right here

Dishes 5


While trying to help me carry a pack of diapers upstairs.

Mom, it keeps slippering!

Dishes 6


J, stomping: Mom look, I like Shrek’s donkey. But I not have ears on my head like donkey. I have hair. Like my family. And people.

One of Jayce’s friends was over a few weeks ago and we were all watching a basketball game. She was saying something about basketball, but was pronouncing the word just slightly off. I can’t remember exactly but it was a letter in the middle that was missing or something. She is only 2 as well, and was pronouncing it just fine, but Jayce kept telling her, “No, buh buh buh basketball.” She would say it again, pronouncing the buh part just fine, but he resumed the “buh buh” coaching until I realized what he was doing and assured him that she was saying it just fine.

As we were watching World World the other day, the title of the show popped up and Jayce said to me, “Look Mom. Dubba dubba double you.” Me: It looks that way, but W says wuh wuh. But his way did seem perfectly logical.

I’ve noted before how Jayce points out whenever one of us, including himself, says the wrong thing. Like when we first switched him from a bed to a crib, out of habit I would often say something about his crib when I meant his bed. Now, he’ll point out when we don’t make mistakes. Mom, you said the right thing! I agree, this is worth noting on most days.

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