March Happenings Part 1

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1.) I have said before how Jayce LOVES to help with anything in the kitchen, and loves to watch Cupcake Wars and Cake Boss with me. Well, last week I was fixing lunch and Jayce was watching his favorite show, which is on PBS right before it switches to non-kid programs. I called him a few times and he didn’t respond, so I came out to this. He was entranced by this cooking show. It’s not even a cool cooking show about desserts or with lots of flare, just a lady chopping up food (she’s chopping broc-co-lay!) and mixing it together. He completely ignored me while I took lots of pictures like this. I just hope that he teaches me to cook some day if he does become a chef.

Feb4 13

2.) When we registered at Target a few weeks ago they gave me a little goodie bag, which included this tiny little diaper among other things. I pulled it out and thought, “My babies aren’t small enough to wear something like this.” Jayce was over 8lbs when he was born so he wasn’t in newborn diapers for long. But can you believe how little it is? It’s the size of my palm!! I realized that I desperately needed some sweet little bloomers to cover that tiny little booty. So the next day I made these.

Bloomers 1

Look at the little butt!!

Bloomers 2

I loved them so much that the next day I made these, in the next size up!

Bloomers 3

I realize that little diaper covers come with practically every outfit when you have a girl, but boys just don’t have anything like this, so maybe you can understand my excitement a bit more.

Bloomers 4

Jayce saw them and said, “These are for my sister, Mom?” and then tried to put them on. Chris was waaaaay under-excited when I showed them to him, but I keep them sitting out on her dresser and he picks them up and smiles at them sometimes when he comes in too. Little things like this are going to help me transition some of Jayce’s neutral baby clothes into little girl clothes. I have plenty of other ideas too!


3.) March 1st was the 1 year anniversary of Lemon Tree Creations, which was kind of fun. A part of me feels like I can’t believe that I’ve been a part of that for a year already, and the other part of me feels like the weekly projects have been a part of my life forever. Not in a bad way, just like it’s such an ingrained part of my life now. I wrote a post reflecting on our last year together here.

I’m excited about the opportunities that the blog has opened up for me already, including the ability to make some money on the side doing something that I love, but also how it has forced me to learn some new skills. I’m looking forward to seeing what is in the future with the blog and the lovely ladies who I share it with!

That’s all for today. Happy Monday!

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  1. Those are adorable. I'm loving the bedding too. MADE has some of the best tutorials and as soon as I can find a reason to make those little bloomers and sheets I'm on it! I've used her bunting tutorial before and loved the results.

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