March Part 3: The Good

I felt a little bit guilty after I posted the extended record of our sickness the other day, so I just wanted to point out that it has not been an entirely horrible month. There have been plenty of other things happening in our family, and plenty of good things among them that I’ll share.


Chris has 2 more books that are finished now and about to be released/available for pre-order. The first is Jesus Among Friends and Enemies here, which he co-edited with Larry Hurtado, who is the Head of School at Edinburgh’s Divinity School.

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The second is Jesus’ Literacy: Education and the Teacher from Galilee here. (The cover image hasn’t been released yet.)

This week Chris has been in Tennesse doing the 2011 Kershner lectures at Emmanuel School of Religion.

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Last week he received a contract to make these lectures into a book as well, so that was really exciting! Needless to say, he’s been busy, since these books and lectures are all on top of teaching, grading, and traveling to various campuses for the Templeton lectures.

Erin/and baby

I am doing great, especially now that I’m finally recovering my energy after being so sick. Thanks for all of your consolation and “tell that doctor to leave you alone” comments after my last harassed visit with my OB!! I went for my 28 week checkup this past week, everything is going perfectly for me and baby, and my weight is exactly the same as my last visit-no gains or losses in the last 3 weeks. I was happy with this. The OB made no comment on it whatsoever. None. She annoys me. But baby and I are healthy and that is all that matters. According to Baby, the baby is now the size of a chinese cabbage.

28 chinese cabbage

Speaking of the little lady, last week I made one of Jayce’s old onesies into a little dress and hair clip for her. It was fun…at least in theory. Actually, the end result is fun, but sewing a little skirt onto a tiny onesie is not a job for the weary. There was stress, frustration, picking out stitches and turning a blind eye to the uneven back. But from the front it is sweet and it makes me happy. I put the tutorial on LTC here.

Picnik collagebg

I made her crib sheets as well, 2 sets! Both are with this fun elephant print fabric and I just love them. I do not have a thing for elephants and don’t have an elephant theme in the room, but the fabric is so soft and I just thought they were too cute not to make into something big enough to really appreciate the pattern. I have finished the bed skirt too but you’ll have to wait until next time for pictures of that one. The bedding and my projects are all coming together nicely and I’m thrilled about that now that I’ve entered the third trimester and that energy dip is right around the corner!

Jayce 5Sheets 4


Jayce is just so fun, as usual. I was going to share a few of his recent sayings that have cracked me up, but there are so many that I think I’m just going to dedicate a post to it next week. Instead I’ll share this hilarious (to me, anyway) image with you.

Febw4 1

I imagine that it is funny even without explanation, but I’ll share anyway. I had set up the self timer and was testing the light and my camera settings while Jayce played nearby in the room. I didn’t tell him that the camera was about to go off, so as he was running across the room after a ball it started clicking away and really freaked him out, as you can see. It was hilarious! He yelled “Ahhhhh” at first, and then slowly made his way forward, smiling at it and eventually standing right in front of the lens. In these pictures you can also see me in the background, at first waving my hand trying to get him to move out of the way, and eventually bent over laughing at the ridiculousness of it all.

I didn’t bother editing and saving these pictures, but I still might do it. It’s one of those funny moments that I’ll want to remember, but just in case I don’t, this picture pretty much sums it all up.

Happy weekend!

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  1. Yay!! all such awesome news!! 🙂 And Jayce's face in that last pic is hilarious… Love you guys, see you soon!

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