When LCC changed their name this fall to LCU, they also changed their mascot from the Preachers/Angels to the Red Lions. (A good move, I think. I remember when we played LCC in college and what we thought about the intimidation factor of playing the Preachers.)

Anyway, there aren’t any LCU shirts for little ones in the bookstore yet, so I decided to make one for my little one. And while I was at it, I went ahead and dubbed him our team’s little mascot.


A Lil Red Lion to be more specific.


The girls were so excited about his little costume, and so was I! I told them about it a while ago and they have been asking me if he’s going to make an appearance before every game, and it just hasn’t worked out because the weather has been too cold and rainy to bring him along. Monday night was their senior night, and though the weather was cold we decided to bring him along to cheer on the team anyway.


We did not have a winning season, but we did have a pretty good time. I think Jayce will be more disappointed than anyone else though. Really, what is more fun to a 1 year old than running around in a big field for an hour a day, kicking balls and hanging out with college kids? I doubt I’ll be able to replicate that throughout the winter.

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