Maternity Sewing

Swingy Linden Sweatshirt by Erin Always 1 2Soo I’ve been taking on a bit of maternity sewing these past few months.  A few of the items were 75% finished when we moved from London and had to be put on the back burner for the next few months.  Those were long months.  But now I’m back at it and steadily making my way through my sewing to-do list before our other move or baby arrives.  Hopefully in that order.

I have posted my maternity looks primarily on other blogs, so I just wanted to share them here quickly in case you would like to click around and see more details.Burda Style Maternity Top by Erin Always 1 3I posted this look today, my first maternity pattern at 30 weeks along!  You can find all of the details here at Imagine Gnats and BUY the fabric from her shop, which you will want to do.

The other maternity sewing that I have done has been modifications of a few of my favorite non-maternity patterns to make them maternity-friendly.  I am in my second trimester in each of these looks.Swingy Linden Sweatshirt by Erin Always 1First is the Swingy Linden Sweatshirt, details here at The Sewing Rabbit.  This was the first maternity sewing that I schemed about and cut out, mostly because I had just made my first traditional Linden Sweatshirt a few weeks before I found out that I was pregnant, and I ended up wearing it almost weekly for the next two months.  I had used a pretty structured sweatshirt knit and it gave a slight cocoon top effect, graciously concealing my bump and keeping me cozy at the same time.  I needed one for the next few stages of pregnancy so I got right on it.  I am 23 weeks along in the picture above and still have plenty of room to grow.  Hudson Pants by Erin Always 1Next up were the Maternity Hudson Pants.  Now that the temperature has finally dipped down (can’t emphasize that finally enough) I am getting so much wear out of them, and I am eight weeks further along than in the picture above, which is at 23 weeks.  They are still just as comfy and the waistband has had no problems giving me (and baby) room to grow.  Get the details here at The Sewing Rabbit.Maternity Staple Dress by Erin Always 1The last look is one that I actually made the year before I was pregnant, but what I thought was a mistake at the time ended up really working in my favor for pregnancy.  This Red Staple Dress, the first item of women’s sewing that I had ever made, is still serving me well.  The details of a slight maternity version with a few tips are at this post.

And for now that’s it!  I have two other maternity dresses that are 80-90% done, but my head just isn’t in it at the moment, and I think I might be using my limited sewing time to start sewing for baby instead of for the baby bump.  But we’ll see. 🙂