Mini Me: Cardigan, Navy, Stripes, and Floral

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This week’s theme on Kid’s Clothes week is mini me.  I had originally planned to up-cycle one of my old things into something for Hannah, but it didn’t work, so the wheels were still spinning in my mind and I hadn’t made a decision yet.  But as I put her into this outfit yesterday, I glanced down and…
IMG 3204Yep.  Me.
Mini Me 15
Even when i don’t mean to, this little chic is dressed in her momma’s favorites.  
Navy stripes?  Check.  Gray?  Check.  Coral pop?  Check.  Boyfriend cardigan?  Check!!!
Mini Me 9I have been sewing up so many pretty dresses for Hannah recently that a cardigan was in order.  I pulled out the Greenpoint Cardigan, which I got with the Sew Fab bundle last year but had not used yet, pulled out my fabric stash, played with a few different combinations, and then sewed one up before I changed my mind.
Mini Me 14As to the leggings, they have been cut and in my sewing basket since I made this dress in January!!  It’s the leggings from the O&S Playtime Tunic and Leggings combo.  I looked back this week at my KCW Plans post and remembered that leggings were on the list, so I decided it was time to finish these ones up.  
Mini Me 12And now I can join the rest of the sewing world in the, “Why did it take me so long?/I love these/I’m never going back” in regards to sewing leggings.  I’m sold.
As to the O+S pattern, the fit is perfect, the length is perfect, I didn’t even hem them, and I love them.
Mini Me 16I have loved the floral jeans/pants/leggings trend for the past 3 years, yet I have never actually taken the plunge.  I got in on the colored jeans, and striped jeans, and pleather jeans (omg I love my pleather ones so much, seriously,) and I’ve tried floral ones on SO MANY TIMES!!  I love them so much, but the silly practical side of me always seems to win out on this one.  I mean, how many days of the week can you drop your kid off for school wearing your floral jeans?  Just one, I think.  No more than that.
Mini Me 5Mini Me 8
Anyway, it wasn’t until I had it all together on her that I realized that she was dressed in an “Erin’s Favorites” ensemble.  Everything down to her navy (fake) converse.  
Mini Me 11
This girl.  I love her!
Mini Me 6
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I’m linking this project up at Kid’s Clothes Week.  Come over and prepare to be inspired!
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  1. So adorable! I have the greenpoint cardi pattern too but I have yet to make it. I also love the floral jean trend on others but am not brave enough to try it myself!

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