Mini-Southport Dress for My Munchkin

Southport Dress at Erin Always 24I mentioned before that my sewing machine was packed up in early June and didn’t arrive in Kentucky until early August.  It was okay, we were (extremely) busy anyway, but I missed being able to have more mom-made goods in my kids summer rotation, and I missed one of my favorite hobbies.  I’ve realized over the last year that my sewing, even when it’s clothes for my own kids or gifts for loved ones, is also for me a little bit too.  I enjoy it, it’s both challenging and relaxing, and it’s something steady, particularly in time periods when very little is steady for us.  So I guess it goes without saying that I was eager to dive back into it. 

Southport Dress at Erin Always 11Southport Dress at Erin Always 9

Not having my machine didn’t stop me from going through some of the process though.  I had one or two splurges at and Jo-Ann Fabrics.  (There is a whole new family member who would need some mom-made items after all, and I had his nursery on my mind.)  There also was a steady stream of new and adorable patterns released over the summer and early fall months to keep my mind spinning with possibilities.  I made a to-do list, added more items to the bottom, and eventually printed a few patterns to tape together for when the time came.

This dress, the Mini-Southport Dress by True Bias, was the very first item that I made.  The pattern pieces and fabric were already cut, pinned, and ready to go two weeks before my machine even arrived.  You could say I was more than eager! 🙂  And it is just the cutest thing!

Southport Dress at Erin Always 25I am a huge fan of Kelli’s patterns.  I have all of them, the kids and women’s patterns. 🙂  The kids each have a pair, I have a maternity pair, I’ve made Chelsea a pair and there are more on their way.  I have a maternity version of the Women’s Southport Dress nearly finished.  The Sutton Blouse is at the top of my post-baby sewing list, and the Girls Sutton Blouse is on my sewing for Hannah list.  They are all so good, and she just released this beautiful Roscoe Dress and Blouse yesterday.  She is on it!I

Southport Dress at Erin Always 37Southport Dress at Erin Always 40

I normally can’t help myself but to make a few small changes to a pattern, but this time I really didn’t want to risk it.  I’m out of my usual setup, still finding things, and moving slowly.  Also I had to buy a step up step down converter so that I can use my sewing machine here, and I think it makes my machine run a little rough.  Hmmm.  Not to sure what to do about that.  But I stuck completely to the pattern and instructions and got a perfect result.

Southport Dress at Erin Always 4Southport Dress at Erin Always 3

Hannah was so happy about this dress.  She kept saying “my new blue dress my new blue dress…” and for some reason the tie around the waist was very impressive to her.  She was much more impressed by it than these pine cones that we were picking up that day.

Southport Dress at Erin Always 1I was pretty familiar with most of the steps for putting this together because I had finished 75% of my women’s Southport Dress in London.  But there are a few shortcuts in the construction of the mini version since it is a bit simpler of a garment than the women’s version, but no shortcuts were taken in the parts that result in a great finish.

Like the beautiful bias-bound neckline and armholes.  I never get sick of those.

Southport Dress at Erin Always 33It’s funny for me to look back at these pictures because it looks so summery on this day and now it looks so autumn-y outside.  They were taken only a week before I took these pictures of Hannah in her Maren Dress where the leaves were just starting to change.  I guess that is one funny thing about Kentucky, one day it is  90° outside and the leaves are green, and the next day it is still 90° outside but with yellow leaves.  I don’t know.

Southport Dress at Erin Always 34But it’s a great dress for summer saults, hanging around, and softball playing.  It’s a winner. 🙂