Miscellaneous and Blog Change

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I have come to the realization this past month, that in order to keep up on the blog in the midst of selling the house, changing jobs, and moving to London, I’m going to have to change up the format of my blog a bit.  

My previous goals have been, catch all the way up, pictures, and 2-4 times per week.  I want stories full of the important details, edited and relevant photos, milestones, funny quips, accomplishments small and large.

The past month has been full of craziness and transition, and the next few will be as well.  It only makes sense that there would be some transition here too, right?

My new goals, which I’m hoping I’ll stick with if I put them out there.


1.) 3 times per week.  I’m going to go ahead and forgive myself for not telling the whole story most of the time, but try to still tell the important part of the story.  We’re about to go through lots more transitions, and I don’t want the events, and my thoughts about them, to get lost in the dizzying busyness of it all.

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2.) Pictures, by whatever means possible.  Yes, this means you, instagram.

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3.) Catch up.  Yeah, I know, that never worked for me before.  But I still think that those pictures of all of the kids at the farm, and Hannah’s birth story, and pictures of the interior of the house that we are about to move out of are all still entitled to their day in the sun.  So stay tuned.

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