Miscellaneous: Sick, Birchbox, and Valentines

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1.) My last few weeks have been filled with poor sick kids. I actually called the doctor’s office 6 times in 7 days, and one of those days I called twice. It’s been an uphill battle to get these kids healthy, but we finally did it!! I am pretending like it is a coincidence that things started to get much better once the weather took a turn for the worse. Please tell me I’m not the only parent whose kids get super sick when it turns unseasonably warm in February?

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I went to get my camera to take a picture of the “half pike” that Jayce had constructed from our ottoman. Once Jayce realized that I wasn’t sitting behind him, he immediately got up to come lay across my lap. It was that kind of week, LOTS of snuggling.

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It took 3 different antibiotics to get Jayce healthy. The second one tasted so bad that he literally threw up when he put it in his mouth. I wanted to comfort him, but it was one of those medications that you take forever, so I was thinking, but did not say aloud, “Don’t worry buddy. You only have to take that one 19 more times!” This was also the first time that he has ever vomited, so as we were cleaning him up and reassuring him that it was okay, he was like, “Mom, what is that stuff?!” Poor guy, I think the vomit freaked him out more than anything else. Luckily 3 days later we switched to a new, less nasty medicine, and it did the trick. Or maybe it was the temperature plunge down to the teens. Either way, he’s better.

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2.) I asked for and received a 3 month subscription to Birchbox for Christmas. And let me tell you, it’s amazing.

Basically, if you’re a girl, you’ll want it. For $10 per month, you get a half a dozen “delux samples” of beauty products: makeup, skincare, hair care, etc, with the option to buy the full sized version. Some of the things I could afford, some I could not, and I like the mix. I don’t want to buy $50 hand cream, but I would like a month’s supply of it, with 4 other little goodies, for $10!

And it is marketed perfectly. These people really know their audience. Last month when I opened my UPS box to find this perfect little cardboard box, with a pretty pink wrap, I was like,

Birchbox, I think I love you.

But I wanna know for sure.

Bb 2

Inside, the goodies were individually wrapped in tissue paper and ribbons. Seriously?! I felt like it was my birthday!

I did not take a picture of the products because I immediately started using them. I painted my thumbnail with the nail color, put on some hand cream, and then went to the bathroom to try the lipgloss. I love it. I just received my second one on Friday, this time full of skin care and hair products. Check it out here if interested. I’m going to stop now, because I feel like I sound like a salesman. 🙂 But let me know if you get it and we can talk about how awesome it is, and I’ll stop harassing my sister about it.

Vday 3

3.) I attempted to take “Valentine” pictures of the kids to send to family for the holiday, as I normally do. I haven’t gotten around to printing the pictures yet, (sorry family!) because of the craziness of the past few weeks. But I didn’t get a perfect picture anyway. I’m wondering if uncooperative Valentine pictures are as endearing as uncooperative Santa’s lap pictures? What do you think? Which of these says, “I’m over it mom.” better? Hmm…

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5 thoughts on “Miscellaneous: Sick, Birchbox, and Valentines

  1. check out those cute outfits for the kiddos love them! What is Birchbox? I have never heard of it! No you aren't the only one sweets our Kelcee came down with something over the weekend with a low grade temp scared this momma for she has never ran a temp and I am so glad it broke. i set the alarm tht scared me silly to wake up through the night to check on her! Your kids are just presh


  2. oh my gorgeous… love the valentine's pictures of your beauties. so CUTE.

    i'm sorry about the germs… it's been the same way at our house. i relate. praying for good health all around!

    birchbox. sounds super cool. and it looks so pretty. must check it out.

  3. i love your valentine's pictures… jayce's expressions are so funny! and i can't believe he's never thrown up before! i mean, my boys aren't sickly, but they have definitely thrown up.

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