More Wedding, Less Running

Sorry I have been absent on here for about a week, it is pushing back the “catching up” that I was planning to do on the blog.  The short of it, and this will all have to be very short for now, is that I have really aggravated the muscles in my forearms and doing anything on the computer is kind of excruciating at the moment.  Really anything that requires me to lift my fingers up, like holding a pen, cutting with scissors…and, uh…cooking dinner, doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms…okay, really just the first things.  Anyway, at the moment I am full of ibuprofen and have spent the better part of today’s nap time with ice bags on my arms, so I’m going to have to make this quick.


I did find a few photos from the wedding last week that weren’t of Jayce running away.  Mel and I grabbed the cousins and tried to get a quick cooperative picture of them together, and tried to get Jayce to give Hadley a kiss.  It seemed like he was going to cooperate, and at the last second, he backed out.






What a boy!  Hadley is 5 months old now and such a big sweetie!  She is at that drooly stage and I think it scared Jayce off a little bit, but he wasn’t exactly cooperating that evening in the first place.  We did manage to get the whole Keith family together for a family picture as well.


That’s all for today, but this will at least get me off the hook a little bit about not posting any new pictures in a week.


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