This is what our mornings looked like pretty much every day of December before we left town.

Morning 1

Kids in pjs.

My fireman in his fireman pjs, playing with his firemen, watching Fireman Sam.

Morning 2

My little “swimmer” up on her belly, grabbing at toys, chewing on toys, yelling at toys, rolling onto toys.  Staying still long enough for me to take her picture.

Hannah 2

Then there is nap time.  But first, there is pre-nap time reading.  Jayce and I in the chair, and Hannah listens from a blanket on the floor.

Bothreading 1

But the other morning, Jayce decided that he wanted to read to Hannah.  He grabbed his book, laid down on the floor, and started pointing out the pictures to her and telling her the story.

I snuck out and tried to be as invisible as possible.  But how sweet is this?  Playing together is just around the corner.


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