Mother’s Day in the Gardens

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Mother’s Day was last weekend and we celebrated by everyone letting me call the shots for the day’s activities, which means that we went into the city.

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Now that I’ve typed that out I think it makes me sound pretty high maintenance, like I was ordering everyone around while I went for a massage. But what it really means is that I wanted to go wander around a park and enjoy the weather with no need to leave anytime soon, and eventually eat dinner than I did not cook.  So that’s what we did.  

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We wandered through the Green Park, past the Wellington Arch where Chris had to take a picture for a lost bet, and over through Hyde Park.

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The kids couldn’t resist jumping in on Chris’ pictures, so they didn’t.  Poor Jayce was the unwilling recipient of Hannah’s strangling hugs and I got proof.
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Lots of people were out enjoying the sunshine, including people riding in carriages and doing an in-line skating course.  We, however, were up to much more exciting things like feeding swans and ducks, eating ice cream, sitting in the grass, taking pictures of our feet (Chels), and chasing large bubbles.
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I snapped a few pictures of my kids chasing the bubbles, and when I was editing them realized that there was obviously some sort of synchronized bubble-attacking body positions that they were engaged in that I had been unaware of at the time.

Mothers Day 27

Starting position.

Mothers Day 29

Arm up, arm down, toe balance.

Mothers Day 28

Arm up, arm down, step.

Mothers Day 30

And the Yin and Yang: Hands down, knees bent, hands up, knees bent.
These two.  I never know what sort of trouble they’re cooking up.
Mothers Day 36
Next Chelsea and I wandered towards the Italian Gardens while Jayce and Chris wandered towards the playground.  Hannah wandered towards her stroller and went to sleep.
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It was a perfect afternoon.  Chris had made dinner reservations at this delicious Mexican restaurant near Covent Gardens, and then wandered through Covent Gardens with the kids for a bit before attempting to head home.  Chris normally wants to eat and then bolt home asap, so this was a part of his gift to me as well.  He was as easy going as he could be.  
Mothers Day 45
It wasn’t perfect though, because the tube stations that we needed were closed, which we discovered at the same time as hundreds of other people that were trying to move through.  I led us in a wrong direction, and then Chris did, and then my phone died which was our source of mobile navigation.  We made it home eventually at which point we gave the kids a bath, put them to bed, and I immediately crawled into my own bed after tucking them in.  But that is a good sign of a successful day.  We crammed a lot in, wearing out both the kids and the mom.