Mother’s Day

Mday 12Mday 11We celebrated the US Mother’s Day this year.  

This is partly because the UK Mother’s Day was right after Hannah and I arrived home from our trip home in March.  I was looking at something on the computer and turned to Chris.

Did you know that tomorrow is Mother’s Day?  

It is?  No, I didn’t…actually…Jayce made you a Mother’s Day card at school this week and I told him it wasn’t Mother’s Day…

Then they told me they would take me to dinner, but since I was jet lagged I took a 3+ hour  nap instead.  So we delayed it.Mday 10Also, and more importantly, this year I would actually be with my mom on Mother’s Day, which I haven’t been able to do for about 4 years, so it was due.  And it was great.Mday 8This is also why I have been MIA for about 2 weeks.  

I meant to write briefly about that on here, but instead I was doing the “frantic scrub down of the house” that I do before company comes, despite the fact that, not only do my mom and sister not care if my house is clean, they would have helped me clean if I had just waited a few more days.  Oh well.Mday 9And now I have hundreds (literally-like 600) photos to sort through and share here.  I promise I won’t share all 600.

I need to get on it because there is a big birthday party this weekend as well.  Wish me luck.