Move in Day

Last Saturday was move in day at LCU, so Jayce and I went up to campus to participate in some of the festivities. We ate lunch with Chris and some of the students, and then walked around visiting and just enjoying the perfect weather. It was great for Jayce because he just wanted to run around and there was plenty of space to do so, and it was great for me because all of that running around ensured that he would take a great nap once we got home.
There was one area of campus that really caught his attention, a little rock garden that was between a few of the buildings. I had been trying to coerce him on but eventually just sat down and let him play. He was so happy to just pick up the rocks one at a time and throw them and he completely lost interest in exploring the campus any further.
We stayed in the rock garden for about 10 minutes or so, but there were lots of families walking by who seemed to be kind of annoyed by us being there, so I eventually picked Jayce up and moved on. No one was being outwardly rude to us, but there was a lack of the usual friendliness and smiles that come from strangers when you’re out with your cute little kid. Instead they were giving us kind of cold looks, which I didn’t really think we deserved. I mean, he was concentrating so hard on picking out just the right rock to throw and they were only landing about a foot away from him at the most. Plus he was wearing a little red hat that said “Rookie” on it. That’s worth a little smile at least!

This what I was thinking at the time anyway. As I started typing this post and thinking about the looks we were receiving, I realized that maybe what I was interpreting as stern looks were actually just a bit glum. I guess I still have that “new mom” mindset, and forget that those moms were dropping off their own babies at college. My guess is that a few of them were not annoyed, but perhaps thinking about how quickly their own children moved from the rock-throwing stage to the college-starting stage, something I can barely fathom right now. Slow down, next 17 years!

2 thoughts on “Move in Day

  1. I hear ya sister!! I can't believe how fast time is flying by me. I have cried twice since Owen's first day at pre-k. What will I do when he goes to college!!!

  2. Catching up on blog posts here. I just wanted to say that I'm also overly paranoid that no one gets annoyed by Kaelyn's preschooler enthusiasm! I'm usually worried for no reason, as she elicits smiles with her actions. But when people don't smile as usual, I wonder, just like you were saying.

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