Moving to Twickenham and Other Things

(I wrote this post the last week of May, upon returning from a vacation where we learned/decided that we would be moving to London at the end of the summer.)
This week, upon hearing the news of our move, my friend asked me, “So are you just constantly looking around wanting to pack things up?”
I quickly answered, yes.

IMG 0322

But that’s not really the whole story.
Yes, I am constantly looking around and wanting to pack.  And evaluating what needs to be packed to go with us, or stored for when we return.
I am constantly thinking, would it be more expensive to ship it in dollars, or to purchase a new one in pounds?  Should I sell it and use the money now, or store it so that I don’t have to re-buy it whenever we move stateside again?  But what if my tastes have changed then, or it becomes damaged over time, and then it has just been an unused waste of space?
I am doing this almost all of the time, with every item, in every room.
We have some flexibility.  We’ve been blessed with a set amount of “moving expenses.”  I mentioned this to a friend, and she said, “Oh good!  So someone can come box everything up and move it for you.”  
Unfortunately, no.
When we lived in Cincinnati, and were preparing to move to Edinburgh, some good friends of ours were moving as well.  He had gotten a job at a medical practice in Georgia and the practice was paying to move he and his family down.  I watched in envy as a team of movers walked around their home, wrapping delicates in bubble wrap, boxing up books into sturdy boxes, and loading items efficiently into a truck.  I remember thinking that I hoped to be able to move like that some day.
But sorting through our items, and deciding what to keep/store, keep/take, sell, give away can’t really be done by a team of movers.  
Also, the penny pincher in me doesn’t want to waste a dime paying someone else to do what I can do myself.  Rather than pay a professional to lighten the packing load here, I’d rather use that money to bring a few of our most cherished items with us.  Or to purchase a few things there to help make our home more cozy.  So we will be the team of movers.
In between thinking about the sorting, packing, storing, selling, and shipping, I’m thinking about big things and little things.  
There things and here things.  There things, like researching schools and getting on waiting lists.  Here things, like well visits, dentist appointments, and kids passport applications.
IMG 0554
Then there are little things, like canceling magazine subscriptions and store credit cards.   
And everything in between.
I admit that at night I crash hard, as soon as my head hits the pillow.  I’m sure it has to do with my brain moving in a million different directions all day long, while my body is moving in a million directions as well, after one or the other of the kids.  
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I’m also putting forth a lot of energy trying to be present with the kids.  EVERYTHING in their life is about to change, so I’m trying to give them ample normal time, with mom’s love and attention during the day.  I’m keeping my computer upstairs with the door closed, and my phone in the other room, so that I won’t be tempted to check the links to houses and flats that Chris sends me during the day.  I have several lists stuck up on the fridge, and writing down things like, “look up cost-buying vs shipping for glider” keeps me from running up to do it right then.  I’m having to prioritize my activities during their nap times so that I can get things done then.  

IMG 0606

Anyway, for now, we are holding it together.  We’ve trusted in God’s will and timing in the sale of our house, and in finding this job, so I’m sure that we will make it through the move as well.
So forgive me if I seem a bit glassy eyed or harassed.  Chances are, I’m feeling a little of both.

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  1. I cannot even imagine what an overwhelming task packing for a move abroad would be with 4 to think about! It was hard enough with just 2! I wish we were closer to help. You are doing all the right things though! And being present with Jayce and Hannah is more than a lot of people could manage with so much stress to think about. You are mom of the year!

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