My Birthday

Erinbday 2My birthday fell on a Saturday this year, so we hopped on the train into the city for the day.  The Tate’s Museum was having a free family event, Tiny Tates, so we went there first.    
Erinbday 4Erinbday 6There were various activities set up around the museum, encouraging the kids to use their senses…or something.  I don’t know, do the activities need to have a purpose?  Regardless, it was free and indoors on a cold day.  The kids loved it and it made me happy.
Erinbday 7Erinbday 9Jayce really liked the different stations, and Hannah just liked being able to run around in a room full of people.  (It seems like I’m saying that a lot these days, it was also her main activity for Halloween.)
Recently Updated18Erinbday 15Jayce and his tower, when we were able to keep Hannah away long enough for it to not be immediately knocked down.
Recently Updated17Erinbday 19We then went for a chilly walk around the city.  We were looking for a particular restaurant, and in the absence of my iphone or a phone that could connect to the internet, we just wandered with our fingers crossed.
Erinbday 20Eventually, we had a winner.  We wandered over towards Picadilly Circus and past Benihana, and that was it.  It was perfect.  Warm, not crowded, a bit entertaining, nicer than somewhere we would normally go for lunch, and food that all four of us would eat.
Erinbday 21Erinbday 22Erinbday 23And Chris even took a few pictures.  I picked the ones that were the most in focus, bless him. 🙂
Erinbday 25Erinbday 26We did a little shopping, grabbed some Krispie Kremes for the train ride home, and even Starbucks was in on my birthday festivities, choosing that day to start serving their seasonal drinks.  It was a yummy ride home.

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