My Girl

Menh 2Though I was initially sad to send Jayce off to school all day long, I have loved having concentrated time to spend alone with my girl.  I love the age gap that we have between Jayce and Hannah, just over 3 years, because I got to spend a lot of time with just him, and now I am getting that time with her as well.

One of the things that I love about this time is how, when I’m not juggling both of their needs and demands, I have more time to notice the little things that she is picking up on and doing.  She has so many funny nuances right now and her language and comprehension are really starting to show.  Like when she wants something, she’ll hold out her arm and say, “Ay go!” because we say, “There you go!” when we hand her things.  It’s like she’s egging us on, “Come on, give it to me and say ‘there you go‘.”  Or how she’ll pull down my glasses down from my eyes and say, “Pee boo,” with a sly smile.

Menh 1And on days when she’s sick and only wants to be held, like she has been these past few days, I can keep her snuggled in my lap and let everything else go.  Plus it’s still technically my birthday week, so I can still get away with that for a few days now.

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