My List: On Hair

I occasionally come across a friend’s blog post that is dedicated in some form to listing out things that they like, love, or can’t live without. I love when people do this. Particularly if the list is generically “things,” as opposed to “things in my kitchen” or whatever, because you know that whatever makes it onto the list will be really good.

Anyway, I was reading an article on the elliptical the other day (more on that in a minute), and afterwards decided that I’m going to write my own list of things, and post a different one for each day of the week. I have a few ideas but I’m not sure if I have 7 days worth, so I reserve the right to redefine the terms of week to let myself off the hook, such as the work week, or the calendar week, etc.

Back to the elliptical, I was reading an article that recommended some things that can help a mom on the go to look her best. There was nothing earth-shattering there, multi-purpose products like moisturizer/foundation, quality concealer, etc. One item that did catch my eye, however, was a dry shampoo. Apparently, dry shampoo gives you the opportunity to “de-grease your do” without washing it. You simply shake some of the powder formula into your greasy roots, allow it to soak up the grease, rake your fingers through and voila! You have just extended the life of your previous shampoo!

Is it just me, or does idea seem vaguely familiar? Like, perhaps, that powder that janitors use in grade school to clean puke up from the floor? They simply shake it over the mess on the hallway floor, sweep it up with a broom and dustpan, and voila! No more puke!

I haven’t used this product so I can’t really speak about how I like it, but I do think that if my hair is dirty and greasy, then a good option is to wash it. With actual shampoo, not dry shampoo. I also think that if it’s greasy enough to contemplate putting absorbant powder in it, than perhaps the “life of my previous shampoo” is already over.

Anyway, reading this ridiculous suggestion made me think about how I do use a few shortcuts now that my personal time is more limited, and I wish the article would have interviewed some women on this topic as opposed to simply endorsing various products. That said, here are a few of my own shortcuts. Take them or leave them, but maybe one will be more help to you than dry shampoo.

Shortcuts for Presentable Hair: No Dry Shampoo Necessary

1.) My best shortcut thus far, which more than halves my time with the flat iron in the morning, is the night shower. I shower and blow dry my hair before bed, pin up my bangs, and sleep on it. It flattens out the sides well enough that I only need to straighten the ends in the morning, and removes the need to section hair and straighten each section to get that flat-ish look. I still have some fullness at the top since it’s been clipped up, and just straighten out the bobby pins marks or reshape it and keep it pinned up.

2.) The headband. Most people already know about this, but I have only discovered it post-pregnancy. It’s classic, not too fancy, and a thick band or cute pattern can cover a multitude of evils.

3.) The messy ponytail. I almost didn’t list this because 1.)it has been a fave since high school (I know!), 2.)I am afraid people don’t actually wear their hair like this anymore and 3.)I have fallen into a category of people who won’t give up their high school do, alongside mullet-ers and bang teasers. Oh well. I still think a messy ponytail beats a regular ponytail, especially if you pull out some bangs, and when paired with a night shower and headband, can actually pass for having taken the time to do your hair. Or so my 18 year old self thinks.

3 thoughts on “My List: On Hair

  1. i would like to see pictures accompanying numbers 2 and 3, as i put on a headband last week and felt like my 6th grade self, and i end up with a messy half ponytail/half knot by the end of most days. i have never been able to pull off a night shower, so my trick is to jump into the shower the second i hear the baby starting to wake up. but then, since i have stick straight hair, i don't need to even dry it, so i guess i'm lucky with a natural short cut (now being able to DO my hair and have it stay, that would be a treat!) i can't wait for the rests of the lists!

  2. As your brother with similarly oily hair (if not so much more so), I have to say I agree on all counts.
    Also, you're hilarious.


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