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As far as the internet is concerned, there are almost too many websites out there to even try to narrow a few down for a list of favorites. Therefore, I won’t deal with email, social networking, or anything to do with being productive online. Instead, I give you a few online guilty pleasures, which will only assist you in productivity if you are drinking your coffee while browsing.

Online Guilty Pleasures

1.) Prime Time in No Time. This is a 5 minute video series that Chris introduced me to, and is updated every Monday-Friday morning. It’s a bit like the show The Soup, except only deals with last night’s tv shows, and as I said, is only 5-ish minutes long. Basically it is like listening to the funniest person you know recap the best of last night’s tv shows, with clips of the best parts. It is particularly entertaining in the fall when the good shows are on, and a quick way to see what crazy thing happened last night on So You Think You Can Dance, The Bachelor, American Idol, etc. without actually watching them.

2.) GOOP. A website started and written/facilitated by Gwyneth Paltrow. This perhaps should have been stated last, if you, like me, aren’t necessarily a huge fan, and are wondering why she should have her own website. But if you think about it, she’s a rich and famous actress, who is married to a rich and famous musician, so it makes perfect sense that she would have access to rich and famous stylists, chefs, writers, musicians, etc. who can share their tips on her website. And they do. The sections are poetically named Make, Go, Get, Do, Be and See instead of Food, Travel, Shopping, etc. but try not to let the hippyish vibe scare you away if that’s not your thing. It is surprisingly interesting, charming, funny, and a bit intriguing. There is no reason why I should have spent 7 minutes watching a YouTube video of Gwyneth making chicken in her kitchen, or discussing why she uses maple syrup in her salad dressing, but I did.

I’ll stop there. I have 3 others that I’m debating about for 3rd place, but I don’t want to choose between them and I don’t have time to make a 5 point list today. I will leave you with an honorable mention though.

Honorable Mention.) If you can laugh at yourself, Stuff Christians Like. It is a blog that, thus far, appears to be steadily well-written, often satirical, with occasional outright thoughtfulness. If you have spent any amount of time in the Christian Culture, then you will probably see yourself in some of these posts. I would recommend checking out Being A Christian Culture Snob for a taste. If you find it more amusing than offensive, read on. I have only been introduced to this website this week, so I am a bit hesitant to throw my full support behind it, thus the honorable mention.

Enjoy. Yours?

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