My Little Stud

Jayce got this little H&M shirt from Justin and Tasha for his birthday, and even though it is still a little big for him he wore it to church on Sunday. I couldn’t resist getting a picture: with his “cool dude” shirt and his cuffed baggy jeans, I was just cracking up watching him walk around. I had to eventually give him his pacifier and bear to tone down the little boy-ness a little.

Jayce always comes running if he comes across my lens cap and brings it right to me. Most recently he brings it over and wants to put it on-helpful in theory, but not if I’m still trying to take pictures!

3 thoughts on “My Little Stud

  1. oh so cute! Funny how when they're little you want to put little man clothes on them, but once they're little men, you want them to be younger. Ahhh! I am seeing it with my niece (who is only 6, going on 26) and my nephew (who is 2…and was just born last week in my mind)

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