My Miscellany: Bathrooms, Mobiles & Birthdays

Jayce 6

1.) Do you ever say “check!” after you’ve done something? I remember a group of co-workers and I talking about how we said it, and we can’t remember if we did it before or after the episode of Friends where Ross and Monica keep saying it while they are packing for a trip.

Anyway, the other day Jayce was in the bathroom chattering to himself as he went potty, and I stuck my head by the door to see what he was going on about. I realized that he was saying “check” after each task, except the “ch” sound was an “s.” It went a little like this.

Shake off pee, seck! Flush potty, seck! Get out stool, seck! Wash hands, seck!


2009 01 11 0226

2.) I disappeared last week in blog land because I was finishing painting this bathroom.

It was red. I’ve never liked it from the minute that we finished painting it 3 years ago. Nothing against red in particular, but it’s a color that doesn’t work in every room, and this room was not helping the color in any way. No natural light, small, kind of dark, and the red just seemed to close in on you.

Last weekend Andy and Patsy were in town, I suddenly decided that I wanted to paint it right then, and a few hours later Patsy and I had put 2 coats of primer on the whole thing. I’ve been plugging away at painting it in my free time this past week. It’s finished now and I love it. Updated pictures coming soon.

Screen shot 2012 03 02 at 6 59 15 PM

3.) I found out last week that my hanging fabric doily mobile (tutorial here) made Babble’s best baby mobile list! I tried out for a few things recently that I didn’t get, so this was good for my DIY self esteem. 🙂 I had never even heard of Babble before I got the email, so it was a really fun surprise to be listed on such a cool site. 🙂

Picnik collage1

Screen shot 2012 03 05 at 9 21 27 AM

4.) Gap. Seriously?

I’m still a little mad at you for December, when I went in with a coupon and gift card, only to encounter an odd combination of soft earthy tones combined with highlighter yellow and highlighter pink. And I left with my coupon and gift card unused. But when I was on the website the other day, and this popped up, my first thought was, “Yes, that’s exactly what I’d wear if I was going to be on Imagination Movers.”

Okay, I got some jeans that I love and I forgive you. But let’s not do this again.

Hannahhat 6

(This picture has nothing to do with #5, but it does make me laugh.)

5.) I’ve been thinking a lot about Jayce and Hannah’s upcoming birthdays. Their birthdays are only 3 weeks apart, and since we only get out of town to see either side of the family sporadically, I’m not sure exactly how and when we’ll celebrate with both sides. I’m trying to figure out when to squeeze it in between a race, graduations, vacations, and a few holidays.

That said, we have a trip already planned to Akron at the beginning of May, so for the past month I have been mentally planning the Akron party. I’m trying to figure out how to pull off a joint party that still does all of the fun 1st birthday stuff for Hannah (the pageantry of the first bites of cake, opening of presents, etc.), but doesn’t downplay the big 4 year old who we will be celebrating as well. If anyone has any suggestions, I’m open to them!

That said, I already have the most amazing 1st birthday dress for Hannah. I saw it one night, sent a link to a friend and Chelsea, was delighted to wake up to an Etsy sale the next morning, and I promptly bought it. It’s amazing. I’ll have pictures soon enough. 🙂

Happy Monday!

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  1. Waaaiiit! Akron Ohio?!

    Are you here in Ohio?

    I feel like I am the only Ohio blogger out there!

    (If this is Akron somewhere else, let's pretend this conversation never happened, okay?(: )

    Oh, and I love the pictures and the "check" thing. Too cute!


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