My Old, Her New, Striped and Floral Bimaa’s

Yellow Striped Bimaa  19

You may remember this summer when I suddenly confessed that I was addicted to making Hannah dresses, dresses, and more dresses.  And other things.

Hannah gray striped Bimaa sweater 7

Now that the weather has turned cooler, I have a new obsession, sewing comfy shirts upon shirts.  And some dresses.  And a dozen+ bow ties, but that is something completely different.  

Hannah gray striped Bimaa sweater 2

Anyway, a few weeks ago I got my hands on a pattern for this Bimaa sweater, and oh man, I love it.
Hannah gray striped Bimaa sweater 19
I immediately sewed one up for Hannah, like in a night.  
It is a long sleeved shirt with a cowl neck option, but if you sew the cowl part in a contrasting fabric it looks like she’s wearing a scarf.
Hannah gray striped Bimaa sweater 10
So she gets the neck warmth of a scarf, except she can’t take it off.  I’m sold.  
So I did what I always do with a fast pattern with a great result, I immediately made another.
Yellow Striped Bimaa  8Hannah s Cheese
And Hannah turned into the cheesiest little cheese ever.  Seriously.  She is going “cheeeeeeEEEEEEESSSSEEE!!!”  What a little nut.
Yellow Striped Bimaa  18
The yellow and white striped fabric is from a t shirt of mine from a few summers ago that I love, but only looks good when I have a tan.  And now that I live in England, I pretty much never ever wear it.  So instead of donating it I decided to chop it up and use it for a shirt for Hannah since her coloring is completely different than mine and it looks great on her.  
Yellow Striped Bimaa  4
We had walked down to feed the ducks that morning, but the tide was so low that the ducks were gone and it was only crows and pigeons.  But they need to eat too, right?  

Yellow Striped Bimaa  17

And crows in the background makes for a very Halloween-ish type of photos. 🙂
Yellow Striped Bimaa  5Hannah gray striped Bimaa sweater 17Yellow Striped Bimaa  15
I’m linking these up at Kids Clothes Week, which is a weekly challenge to sew something for your kids one hour a day for one week and see what you can accomplish.  
I’ve already told Chelsea (who will hold me accountable/make fun of me for deviating) that this is my last week of sewing for the kids for a little bit, because next week I am diving head first into Christmas sewing.  Yep, I said it.  But as for this week, there will be more of Hannah and Jayce. 🙂

5 thoughts on “My Old, Her New, Striped and Floral Bimaa’s

  1. How do you get the top not like that? Ella has a ton of hair and I often do a messy top not, but have never tried the little bun look. LOVE IT!

  2. After seeing these pictures, I knew Molli needed some of this gorgeousness in her wardrobe. I just made her first today during nap time with fabric I had on hand. (black with a light ashy plum neck) It's absolutely darling but a much different fit on her than on Hannah. Molli's is a longer, narrow version of it. I like the way they fit on both but if I ever did the hoodie version I'd have to modify it to a looser fit.

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