Navy Floral Marina Romper

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I put this romper on Hannah at the cafe right before we went outside to the playground, and she was only wearing it for about 60 seconds before she got her first compliment.  Literally the first person to walk by us stopped to tell Hannah that she absolutely adored her outfit.  And that is pretty much how we both felt about it.  (She was slightly less enthusiastic about standing still for pictures though.)
Despite the fact that my daughter constantly takes off her clothes whenever the opportunity presents itself, she seemed to think that this were pretty cool and less of a punishment than the usual shirt and pants.  As soon as I put it on her she started swaying in front of the mirror. (I think it had partly to do with the bare shoulders-she could pretend to be Belle!)  Then she just ran and ran.  I can only imagine how comfy they are!
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The Marina Romper pattern was surprisingly easy to put together.  I made the straps and hem slightly shorter, but otherwise I followed the pattern completely.  
I will definitely make her another one. This was just so spring time playground happy!!  She was comfy, the fabric is dark enough that I can let her play without worrying about her getting it really dirty, her covered legs were less likely to get scratched up, and she went down the slide really fast which she loved!
Marina Romper 16
My only thoughts for next time are that I will probably move the straps in closer to the center, because they tended to slip off her shoulders even when I tied them more tightly.  Or I might try making elasticized straps instead of tie straps.  We’ll see.
Romper pants
Other good news?  They can double as pants.  

Marina Romper 18

I threw a tank top on her, switched up the ties to tie on the back of her neck, and we were ready to go.  And gosh was it cute.  Just so darn cute.  
What do you think?
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  1. This romper and your daughter are so adorable! It's one of the Cali Faye patterns that really caught my eye. I haven't bought it yet but I'm so tempted now after seeing your version.

  2. Great job! I also had my eye on this romper but hadn't seen many versions sewn up- this one is GORGEOUS.

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  3. What an adorable romper! Your little girl is so sweet. I was so inspired by this outfit that I bought the pattern and made one for each of my daughters. Thank you for sharing!

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