Nessie Meets Liberty of London, and KCW

Hannah s Liberty Collared Nessie 2

I got this pattern, called the Nessie Top, last month shortly after it was released.  I really love the style of it, but the name always throws me.  Since living in Scotland, the name Nessie only will only ever belong to one thing, and that is an often looked-for but rarely-glimpsed occupant of Loch Ness.  Anyway.
H Liberty Nessie
Sewing in January is tricky, isn’t it?  I want to make short-sleeved warm weather dresses, blouses, and skirts, but warm weather is still months away, and it’s a bummer to make something, be excited about it, and then stuff it into the dresser for 5 months.  But also I don’t want to make tons of wintery winter stuff either, because, in theory, that should be on it’s way out.  
So I made this.

Hannah s Liberty Collared Nessie 10

The dress is up-cycled from a thick navy mens sweatshirt that seemed to have never been worn.  The outside is slightly brushed-looking and it’s extremely warm and cozy.  But the full-on navy was a little stark for my fair little girl, so I looked for something that could sweeten it up a little bit.  I had just the thing.
IMG 1962
A short side note.  
About a month after Chelsea moved to London, we headed into the city one Saturday with the sole purpose of wandering the amazingness that is Regent Street and Oxford Street.  After lunch on a little side street, we turned towards Oxford Street, but I noticed a beautiful old building in the other direction and told Chelsea I’d like to check it out first.  It turns out that it was Liberty.  As we walked in and read the signs directing us to different floors, I said, “I know there is a high-end brand of fabric called Liberty of London, I wonder if they sell it here…”  My friends, I was in The Liberty of London.  I didn’t even know that it existed!  
I have since learned a lot about this beautiful store, including having watched a 3-part TV special on it with Chelsea leading up to Christmas.  As you might imagine, yes, they did sell Liberty of London fabric, and I bought a little bit of it that I will probably never use all the way up.  This is the fabric that I thought would go perfectly on her little navy dress.  And it does!
Hannah s Liberty Collared Nessie 6Hannah s Liberty Collared Nessie 1
Since it is more of a tunic length than a dress length, she can wear it with shorts or thin leggings once it gets warmer, and it has that hi low hem going for it which I love right now.
Hannah s Liberty Collared Nessie 4
 I might even cut the sleeves to an elbow length as the weather warms up, because it’s such a bummer to pack away handmade clothes, particularly the ones that are a bit meaningful to you.

Hannah s Liberty Collared Nessie 8

It’s getting harder and harder to get pictures of this little bundle of energy right now, she just keeps running away.  This morning she was walking around the living room with a roll of toilet paper on each hand saying in a tiny robot voice, “I’m a tissue hand!  I’m tissue hand Hannah!”  
This girl. 
PS-Yep.  There are 3 more dresses coming your way this week.  I promise that they are all different.

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  1. Oh, this is so sweet! I love simple like this…navy and the beautiful collar. I only learned of the famous 'Liberty of London' fabric when I started blogging…I still have no idea about it's history! I would love to have walked in… I have never set foot in Europe (for shame!), but can't wait to someday…

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