New Cool Spiderman Bike

Bike 3

Some friends emailed last week asking if we would be interested in a brand new Spiderman bike for Jayce. He doesn’t have a bike yet, so we were very interested. Jayce was obviously floored, and since the first moment that he laid eyes on it, it has been referred to exclusively and lovingly as “my cool Spiderman bike.”

Nursery 1

We got the bike on a Friday, and unfortunately a huge thunderstorm started immediately after we pulled it out, and kept going Saturday morning. But since it was new (and not really dirty), we let Jayce ride it in the (non-carpeted parts of the) house. He went back and forth from the front door to the furthest corner of the kitchen over and over. Saturday afternoon Chris took Jayce up to school and let him ride it up and down the hallways of the school. (A lucky perk of him having keys to the building.)

Bike 1

Sunday afternoon it was warm enough to head outside for a bit with the bike, so we took it on a short spin around the neighborhood. I don’t know how much further into pregnancy I’ll be able to do this with him alone, because there were a surprising amount of small hills on the sidewalks and he wasn’t quite strong enough to pedal up them. I spent lots of the trip half bent over, pushing him over large cracks, maneuvering around cars that were parked far back in their driveways, and into the street for a few lots that haven’t been built yet and don’t have sidewalks in front of them.

Bike 2

Chris and I both had a surprising surge of pride watching him on the bike. It’s so funny to be a parent and feel like you are experiencing all of these simple little things for the first time all over again. Really, when we pulled out the bike and he was pedaling around, it was hard to tell who was more excited, Jayce or us. I’m so happy to know that we have so many more of these instances ahead of us with Jayce, and then get to do it all over again with the other little one.

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  1. That is adorable. Great pics. I love boys with their bikes. Poor Tyson still can't reach pedals on any of our bikes. It's so sad. He just uses his feet and acts like it is normal. : )

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