New Year Miscellany

Happy New Year!!

I love the start of January. I love the clean slate nature of it, it almost seems like a fresh To-Do list. Not in a bad way, like “these are the things you need to do and are bogging you down,” but like “here is a fresh start for whatever you want.” Fun, right? Here are a few miscellaneous “new year” things that are on my mind right now.

Marbles 1

1.) Jayce received this fun marble racing game for Christmas, a toy that he has been thanking God for long before he owned it. (Seriously, each night when we ask if there is anything he’d like to thank God for he says “the marble racing game at Lauren’s house.” ) I know that these next few months the play dates and errand running will slow down drastically as he and his friends all fight off cold season, so it is a goal of mine to set up a fun and interactive playing area to use instead, and this will be a part of it.

Sling 1

2.) I have monthly pictures of Hannah that I haven’t really showed off because I need to finish editing them. Some months are done and some aren’t. It is my goal to have them all finished before her first birthday, so I have 6 months to catch up and stay caught up, since I obviously add new ones each month.

3.) As of this week, Lemon Tree Creations is on a bit of a break. I’m not sure how long of a break at this point, or if we will resume it at all in the same form. I announced it to our readers this morning on this post. I can’t lie, I’m sad about it. But it was time. I’ll have to go more into that in another post. 🙂

Bibs 1

4.) Little Hannah is still resisting solid foods in every form, in addition to bottles and formula. Sigh. If anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them!

I had forgotten how quickly you go through bibs once you begin attempting baby food a few times per day, so I took a cue from Tiffany and decided to make up a few bibs for Hannah. Tiffany was right, they are totally addictive!! I grabbed a piece of fabric that I love, a white towel that I never use and a bib for a template, and 10 minutes later I had the cutest bib I’ve ever seen. So I made another, and another and cut material for another. I’m thinking that these will cheer me up just a little as Hannah continues to buck away from and spit out any food that makes its way into her mouth.

Sink 1

5.) I have been going through my pictures from Christmas and have been surprised by how poor of a job I did of getting those “the picture” moments. You know, Grandma with both grandkids, all of the siblings together, pictures of myself in any form, etc. However, there is no way that I was missing a picture of Hannah taking a bath in the sink! What is it that is so darn cute about a naked baby splashing in the sink?! I don’t know exactly what it is, but I’m loving it.

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5 thoughts on “New Year Miscellany

  1. Your photos are simply stunning. That one of your Hannah in a hammock is so precious. You've got a talent there I wish I had! Happy new year!

  2. Love the sink picture. So, so cute! And I too am sad. I know it's time, but I'm still sad. I'll be ready again when you are! With fresh posts and ideas I hope 🙂

  3. Your baby won't eat solid food, as in baby food? My baby breastfed, never took a bottle and NEVER ate baby food. She has an older sister and apparently even at 7 months, wanted to eat what sister was eating. I started steaming vegetables, boiling carrots in chicken broth, cutting up family dinners for her so she could eat without choking. But whatever we were eating, she had to eat, too. She's 18 months now and to this day, always looks to see what we are all eating before she'll eat.:)

    BTW, I've followed your craft blog since the first week you guys started and I'm sad you are all taking a break but I totally understand. I've enjoyed reading your blog everyday and seeing what creativity you had produced for the day. Good luck on future endeavors.

  4. your pictures are gorgeous. omg. hannah's picture is absolutely amazing! LOVE.

    i'm sad lemon tree is on a hiatus. but i understand! sometimes good things have to end or take breaks.

    many blessings to you and yours in the New Year!

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