Nike Women’s We Own the Night

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A few weeks ago Chelsea and I joined 10,000 other women in the Nike We Own the Night race.  I have to admit that I didn’t really know much about it ahead of time other than it was a 10K and it took place the evening of Jayces’ party.  Despite the bad timing of the date, it looked fun and Chelsea and I have always talked about running a race together, so we signed up.

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Nike really went out of their way to promote the event (and their brand) with tons of photo opportunities and different little tents with activities on the race ground.  You could get your braided back or a manicure at the Elle tent, there was a massage and stretching lounge for after the race, there was a Nike tent with different Nike merchandise (obviously), and a few bars with free champagne for finishers among other things.  There was a dj and stage for warm up and music to get us started and a music to hang out and party afterwards.  It was really well done and cool.
Nike has a fun write up of the event here  with much less rambling if you’re interested.
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As for the race itself, it was great!  It started at 8pm, so the park that we ran through was decked out with color coordinated lights on trees, light-adorned canopies to run through, and lit marquee signs for the kilometer markers.  It was a fun and lively environment, which is what I will attribute to me finishing pretty well despite my lack of regular running, (although I had started running a fe times a week for the 5 weeks before hand.)
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We ran with Chelsea’s friend Pia and all had a good and relatively easy time.
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The main unfortunate part of the evening was that it was on the chilly side, there were really high speed winds, and it started raining when we finished.  I’m really glad that it wasn’t like this while we were running, but we did have to stand in it for a few hours as we picked up our bags, waited in line for coffee, walked to the different booths and walked back to the train station. Running clothes are great for running, but terrible for protecting you from the elements, especially when the elements are coming at you 25 mph, so this really cut our “after party” short.  This in addition to not really eating any dinner (because of when the race started) it left us all bit drained, but we kept our spirits up (or at least stayed awake) on the train and bus home.
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However, one fun race perk that we didn’t know about until after we had registered was that we would be getting these necklaces instead of medals at the finish line.
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We laughed that there were signs up to encourage you to finish by reminding you that you had a necklace waiting for you.  We love them, and the box is as pretty as the necklace.
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The only real bummer of the race was the thing that I was all too aware of beforehand, which is that it was the evening of Jayce’s party.  If you’ve ever thrown a party, particularly a party at your house where you are doing the cleaning, food, decorating, treats, games, etc, is that it takes up lots of mental space in the days leading up to it, and afterwards you are completely spent.  I managed to carry some of the adrenaline into the race, but once it was over I was completely spent.  The party evening factor+evening start time+no dinner+rain/cold/gale force winds meant that I was genuinely in a slightly delirious state by the time that we got home just after midnight.  Luckily Chelsea got us home efficiently, I got to sleep in the next morning, and Chris and the kids took me out for a burger after church to celebrate.  A good time was had by all and I’m already planning to run next year.
Also notable, the day after the race Chelsea did not sleep in, but went into school where she stayed for the next 13 hours, studying for a huge exam that she had on Monday morning, which she just found out that she passed!!  So it was a successful weekend for us all. 🙂