Non-Camera Randomness

I still do not have my new camera. So I have been camera-less for days now. Actually, enough days that I can count it by weeks, but I won’t.

Jayce’s face below sums up how I feel completely. But I can’t write a blog without pictures included, so these are from a few weeks ago.

Other 2

When I first realized that I would be without a camera for several days and was freaking out about it, Chris informed me, in a very informative husbandly way, “Erin, it’s not that big of a deal.”

I quickly informed him, “Actually, it is a big deal, Chris. This weekend is the fall festival at church, next week is Jayce’s first day of school, and the Balloon festival is that weekend and I’ll have no pictures of that. Plus Hannah will be 3 months old in a few weeks and I have been taking monthly pictures of her. And I need to take pictures of my projects to stay ahead on Lemon Tree…”

These were the “events” that immediately came to mind of the next few weeks. But I was most sad about the “non-events.”

IMG 6237

Non-events like this weekend last year, when I had taken photos at the church’s fall festival. It ensured that I had my camera on me when we got home, Chris started watering the lawn, and we ended up in the middle of a very ornery, laughable water war. This would have just been a little game that we played one afternoon and then forgot about, but I took a load of fun pictures in those 15 minutes, and I love to look through them and read that blog post now. It’s a fun summer memory.

Other 3

Along the lines of non-events, our air conditioning went out a few days after I sent my camera away, and despite what we were initially told, it has still not been repaired.

For Chris and I, this is not that big of a deal. Yeah, it’s hot, but we’re adults and we can deal with it. I didn’t have a/c at home when I was growing up. We didn’t have it in my grade school or my high school, and I didn’t have it in the dorms in college. This was particularly rough when I was sunburned after soccer conditioning and practice, but I obviously survived just fine. But it’s a little bit of a different story with kids.

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Jayce cannot nap when he’s so hot and uncomfortable. Hannah, on the other hand, cannot stay awake in this heat. It has led to some interesting moments.

Like the other day, when Jayce fought off his nap all afternoon. I put on a movie to keep him in the room while I sat down to feed Hannah. I glanced over at him after a few minutes and realized that he had fallen asleep on the couch, something that has never happened before. I don’t get to watch Jayce sleep like I do with Hannah and it was so sweet. His arms were stretched up over his sweaty head, his ankles were crossed, and I kept sneaking over to wipe the tiny beads of sweat off of his nose. I was dying for my camera.

Other 5

Little Hannah has been sleeping in her diaper alone and I could stare at her for hours. I can’t stop smiling at her chubby little belly, her legs folded into that frog leg position, and her arms extended over her head. I rarely get to take in all of her sweet little rolls and it is absolutely a treasure.

Other 4

I randomly came across a blog yesterday where a lady was talking about how she carries her camera with her all of the time, and often gets harassed by her friends and family about it. She said, “That’s the thing about pictures – they capture what is and let us see later how beautiful something was (that we might have missed) while we were living it.” I couldn’t agree more.

But I would argue that just being aware of picturesque (or blog-worthy) moments allows us to appreciate their beauty while they are happening. For now, I’ll take this.

But I’m still more-than ready to get my new camera. 🙂

Also, you might remember me saying that I would be catching up on writing posts with the photos that I already have. It’s true, I did this today! 🙂

Furthermore, I discovered a few blog posts that I wrote a few months ago but never posted because they were either almost finished, or I was waiting to download pictures from my camera to go with them and I forgot about them. So I think next week I’ll post my “delayed reaction” posts. You’ll know them when you see them.

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2 thoughts on “Non-Camera Randomness

  1. i carry a point and shoot camera with me all the time, i have for years. my college roommate gave me a magnet that says "if it's not in the scrapbook it didn't happen" which is what i remind my friends of when they roll their eyes at me as i'm getting them together for group pictures! there are definitely moments with the kids that i have conscientiously decided not to get out the camera for though, to just live in the moment with them instead.

  2. Erin, I cannot imagine the number of fabulous pictures you have just waiting in the wings! Every single one on this post is just gorgeous! I need to be better at actually taking my camera places and having it handy! I know you are simply dying without it, so I hope you get it back soon!

    And I must say, adult or not, I DO NOT handle no air conditioning very well. You are taking it like a champ! I hope they get it fixed ASAP for you guys!

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