Non-Committal Decor

First off, I’ll start with my version of what everyone seems to have going on this year. Ta da! Ornament wreath!


I must confess that I have decorating commitment issues, and therefore couldn’t figure out what to do with this baby once it was finished. There is no light on our front door so you couldn’t really see the wreath, and I liked it too much to not let it shine. So I found this old picture on sale at a thrift store ($5), punched out the ugly picture, and hung my wreath in the cool old frame. I did NOTHING to the frame itself, It was already distressed and ready to go, so I was pretty pleased.


Last year we had all bare white walls, so I took the red approach, as in, decorating with red bows, poinsettias and berries. But this year since our main room is green, red stuff everywhere almost seems a bit too obvious (Look, a Christmas Room! Green walls and red stuff!!), and I’m just not into it. I don’t want to get rid of everything but I don’t really have a lot that I like either, so I’ve been modifying things, temporarily, into decor that I do like.

Here are a few of the easys. Twine, berries and flowers around my candles. I don’t have to buy Christmas candles, and they can go back to being the candles from my wedding once the season is over.


Tree slipcovers. I bought these fun glittery trees from the dollar store, but just can’t seem to find a place for them as is. So I wrapped them in a scrap of burlap, and only hot glued the very edges so I that I can reuse the burlap as well. A little ornament on top and I’m done.Picnik collage1

Also, remember Slinky Tree? 2009_12_03_4576

I sat down with him and my glue gun for one minute and decided that it was not worth a whole naptime to glue that baby back together. I was unwilling to surrender one of my foam cones either, so I simply spray painted both brown, threaded the twine onto the cone, and stuck berries into the gaps in the foam by their stems instead of gluing them. Since this tree was sturdier than the others, I took advantage and hung one of my favorite ornaments from it as well. Also, yes, I spray painted the ornament hook brown as well. Don’t judge me.2009_12_08_4649

Then I put them all together on a Dollar Store platter in what is now one of my favorite little displays.2009_12_08_4663

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And a teaser for next week, also repurposed.


31 thoughts on “Non-Committal Decor

  1. I find the frame method of hanging the ornament wreath ingenious. No big hole in the wall and no worries about a suddenly tumbling ornament wreath. Ingenious. (And cute, but really, that's a given.) And, did you really make that ornament wreath by just threading ornaments on a wire frame thing? Probably a much better idea than hot glueing them onto a foam thing, which is what I tried to do. 🙁 I need a tag, "Reasons I shouldn't try to be crafty."

  2. I LOVE what you did with those trees- that's a great idea for those mirror ones I've seen at the dollar store!! Also- I love the colors you chose for your ornament wreathand I totally love how you hung it on the frame- kicks it up a whole other notch!!!

  3. I don't even know what to say, Erin. Gorgeous. All of it. I especially adore the wreath in the frame. Perfection. Also, wrapping those trees in burlap was such a great idea! Love what you did with the slinky tree and how you hung an ornament on it. Too cute! You are killin' me! : )

  4. That wreath is stunning and those candles look so cute (and easy to make). They would make great hostess gifts for all the visiting we will be doing over her the holidays. Thank you!

  5. I have those exact same ornaments sitting on my craft table waiting to be made into "tada!" an ornament wreath! lol. Great minds. 🙂 Now I'll just look at yours closely to make sure I do mine right. TFS. It turned out lovely.

  6. seriously? everything you do is adorable. I wish I could make myself sit down and do one of these projects!!!!!! And that I had space to display them! I'm also having red/green issues year-round with my decor…not w/ wall colors but i seem to have red/green decor naturally.

  7. I love your blog, found it last week and made some of those twine trees over the weekend.

    I'm interested to find out how you put the ornament wreath together, as well.

    Love your ideas.

  8. Everything you did looks so good! I think those glass ornament wreaths are so pretty and the colors you used look stunning. The frame is a perfect place for it as well. I can relate to not wanting to commit to decor. I like to change things so often that I want things to be able to work in any room in my house.

  9. oh i love the wreath. i have seen several ornament wreath in the past few weeks, but all have either been pastel or a red & green combo in color. i love the colors you picked. beautiful.

  10. Super idea to hang the ornament wreath in a frame…looks flippin' awesome. And your trees??? K, just love them. Period.

    Feel free to link up to Mi4M…would love to have you 🙂

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