Not Too Oldies, But Still Goodies

The month of November has been a good one for my blog because I have have been giving it more attention since I commited to blog every single day. (I know I got a slightly late start, but anyway…) The only bad thing about writing every single day is that, on some days I really like whatever I have posted about and would rather leave it on top for a few days, instead of it getting pushed lower and lower on the page every time I post something new. I know of a few people who check up on us pretty regularly here, but don’t expect anyone to actually check every single day, and I sometimes wonder if they have missed a few of the good ones.

In light of this, and the fact that I’m currently visiting family and want to spend a little more time visiting and a little less time typing, I give you a few of my favorites over the last month.

1.) OMG, they published my comments in Parents mag! Read about it here.

From Windows Live Writer

2.) I received this unbelievable Light Scoop, which has solved my DSLR flash problems. See my befores and afters for yourself and read about it here.

From Windows Live Writer

3.) I made something for my walls that doesn’t actually look like it’s homemade, unlike a lot of the crafts that I’ve attempted. If you want to see how it’s so easy that I shoudn’t feel that proud of myself, click here.

From Windows Live Writer

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend! Be back soon!