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Sally 1Last summer when the Sally Dress came out I was obsessed.  It’s just so darn cute, right?  Right.  It’s amazing.
Meadow Sally Dress 10Now that I’ve actually made one, I’m beyond obsessed. 
Meadow Sally Dress 12Meadow Sally Dress 4
That little pointy squared edge on the shoulder just kills me!   Hannah has very chunky little shoulders and upper arms, so generally I’m a fan of anything that really puts them on display.  
Meadow Sally Dress 9
I have to admit, it took some concentration to put this pattern together.  The instructions aren’t overly complex, it’s just that putting together the fully-lined top bodice required a few new methods that I’ve never used in constructing a dress, and I just didn’t get it at first.  I put the sides of that baby together the wrong way, and then I tried to put it together the way that I normally do a bodice and ended up seam ripping out the sides a second time.  All the while I was telling myself, “This is why you listen to the pattern designers Erin!  Don’t try to modify it before you understand it!”  Sometimes I’m just such a terrible listener.
But once I followed the directions one step at a time I was there.  And the result is lovely.

Meadow Sally Dress 1

I was dying to use this amazing Leah Duncan fabric, but I didn’t have quite as much on hand as the pattern called for for the skirt.  I ended up adding 4 pleats to the front and the back of the skirt until it fit the width of the bodice, and then sewed it up.  If you’re thinking it’s much less full than the other Sally Dresses you’ve seen you’d be right, but I still love it.

Even in a sweater, and even on a seesaw, it’s just so great. 

It’s the official Easter Sunday dress, no doubt.
Meadow Sally Dress 3Meadow Sally Dress 11
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