Observer Voile Inari Tunic

Inari Tunic by Erin Always for Imagine Gnats 4

Shortly before I found out that I was pregnant I had finished a relatively successful few months of trial and error in sewing for myself.  I learned what sort of styles and fabric I want to wear, what is worth spending money on, and what isn’t.  I also learned a bit more about what I actually enjoy sewing, and what sort of things I don’t find to be worth the time or effort.  The successes were fun and invigorating.  I felt like I was hitting my stride.

Though I was surprised, I was also delighted to discover that I was pregnant again this summer for a whole host of reasons.  But maternity sewing for myself was not one of them. 🙂  Which is okay.Inari Tunic by Erin Always for Imagine Gnats 6Inari Tunic by Erin Always for Imagine Gnats 9

However, I was delighted to discover that my beloved Inari Dress pattern would still work for me for the first half of my pregnancy, and without any maternity modifications.  Woo hoo!!!  I don’t have tons of extra brainpower to spare these days, or extra energy, and I really wanted something that I didn’t have to think too much about.

I made this Inari Tunic pictured above and I love it.  I’m 16 weeks along in this picture and I still have some room to spare, though I would have even more if it was a stretchy material, I love the structure of this fabric and the print is incredible.  Get all of the details here.