Oh Dear

People periodically ask me if I think the kids will pick up British accents.  

For Jayce, I think, yes.  He is in school all day, surrounded by the various accents of his teachers and peers, and it seems pretty inevitable that he’ll pick up some of that.

For Hannah, I have always thought, no.  She is home with me all day, so presumably she should sound like me.

But I wasn’t thinking broadly enough.  She is exposed to tv.  

The other morning, Peppa Pig’s mom said, “Oh dear” and then Hannah parroted her perfectly.  

Ooo dee-uh.  Oowwhh dee-uhh.  

All morning she did this.  It was like she was testing the words out.  She said it sweetly, a bit high-pitched, calmly, and sometimes almost angrily.  And I just grabbed my camera to get video of her in action.

30 seconds of “English Hannah,” with a little Will.I.Am and Britney just because. Enjoy. 🙂

One thought on “Oh Dear

  1. I love this so much I can hardly stand it. She is absolutely precious! Love that sweet little voice. I was questioning how british an American 1 year old could really sound, but she nailed it!

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