Oh Wait, I’m Supposed to Decide on a Paint Color Before I Start Painting?

(seafoam on the left wall, better options on the right)

Chris and I found and signed the contract on our home within 36 hours of seeing it last April. We closed in June and moved in at the end of July. Back in April, in an attempt to keep my very-pregnant-and-eager-to-settle-in-my-new-place-but-obviously-not-able-to-do-any-settling-until-July self occupied, I rounded up a huge pile of paint swatches from Lowes and set about sorting through them. I found the perfect shade for the living room area, exactly what I had pictured in my head, a cool gray sage color. Perfect.

All of that to say that the color that went up on Monday had been premeditated for over a year, set aside in a place of importance, hailed the color. Which doesn’t explain why I spent much of Monday evening standing in front of the painted walls, with my arms folded, trying to push out of my head what I was pretty sure of. I hated it.

I tried to ask Chris what he thought, knowing that he tends to not really care about this sort of thing. He doesn’t even glance at the paint that I buy until it’s being applied, and has tried to talk me out of a few painting projects that he ended up liking. Maybe my voice was just a little too high when I asked, trying to not give any indication of what I thought. His reply, “It’s nice.” was also too high, and a few minutes later we both admitted to hating it.

My cool gray sage green, when applied to the walls, turned out to be a country cottage green. I imagine it would pair perfectly with a peachy pink trim and dusty blue stenciled ducks. As soon as I admitted this I couldn’t get that image out of my head. A friend stopped by and confirmed my fears, “Yes, it’s sort of a seafoam green.”

Perfect. I’m not a seafoam green person, and neither is Chris, and neither is any of our stuff. We have an open floor plan and basically every room is off of our living room area, so whatever this color is, there is pretty much going to be no escaping it. We spent the evening discussing the various ocean side scenes that we can have painted in The Wall Recess Without A Purpose, that will be complemented by a seafoam surrounding.

Well, the story does have a good ending, which I will attempt to wrap up quickly since I’ve been droning on and on. We had to hire a painter for this room because the walls are so high and the room so big, that it would take absolutely forever to do ourselves. Lucky for us, our Sherwin Williams didn’t have enough paint for the whole project, so our painter only had a gallon of the seafoam green to start with. When I told him that we were unsure about the color he brought in his swatches, I picked out a few more options, and ended up finding something that worked perfectly.

It turns out that he had a few other things to work on while I painted the new color options on the wall to compare, so we weren’t holding him up by changing our minds. I turned on the Cubs game, which he seemed grateful for, and I think he forgave me for my crazy indecisiveness. And last night Chris and I agreed that the new color was in fact, perfect.