On Jayce: Adnoids, Boots and Canariums

A Jayce update is long overdue.  I’m continuing to play catch up with the old blog, thinking that someday I will get there!  This is still my plan.  In the meantime, here is a bit of Jayce.

A few weeks before Christmas, he had his adenoids removed.  I had to stay home with Hannah, so Chris got this (sad) picture of him before he went back.  This was apparently after he had taken his “silly juice,” the pre-gas, pre-iv medicine that made him loopy and silly.  The surgery went well and luckily was pretty easy on him.  It seems to be huge a success since it’s been a month now and he hasn’t been sick yet!  I’m hopeful that we won’t have a replay of the constant sickness of last spring.


We were surprised and relieved that he never seemed to be in pain after the surgery.  We kept him on the tylenol with codeine the day of and the day after the surgery, then switched to tylenol for a day, then nothing since he never complained of being in pain.  He was home from the surgery by mid-day, and a few hours after started asking for food, then more food, and was playing by the end of the night, reading with Chris under a tent that they made over Hannah’s play gym.

Tent 1

Actually the next morning he was racing all over the place with his toys, playing busily at 7:00 or so in the morning, which was a real shock since he’s normally not a morning person at all.  They had told us to let him rest or play as much as he wanted, to let him be the judge of what he was up to.  But he was so uncharacteristically busy that I asked the nurse about it when she called that day to check on him.  Apparently the tylenol with codeine can be a bit of an “upper” for some kids and make them hyper, as opposed to other kids who it can make sleepy and sluggish.  Jayce was one of the hyper ones.  You would never have known that he’d had surgery, he just kind of went on as normal after that first day.

And other than that, it has been life as usual for our little fireman.

J 1

Some of our favorite “Jayce things” right now are:

1.) His instant replays.

When he is playing basketball/soccer/baseball/wrestling with Chris, if he falls down he’ll stop and declare, “Let’s have another look at that!” or “Let’s have a look at what just happened.”  Then re-does his fall in slow motion.  Also, if I am watching him play something he will instruct me to periodically say, “Whoa, look at him go!” as he runs, kicks, shoots, or dances.

Dec24 24

2.) His adult-like ways of conveying his thoughts.

I used to always list out the funny things that he was saying that weren’t quite right, but now the things that make us laugh the most are his rather grown up little quips.  For example.

When Chris got home from a run the other day, Jayce walked over and said. “That’s a cool watch ya got there, Dad.”

It all sounds so funny with that squeaky little 3 year old voice.

Ruthhall 4

3.) He is opinionated.

Mom, did you make those boots for Hannah?  They’re pretty!  You should make some with sparkly things and glitter.  That would be pretty too.  And then he walked off.

J 1

4.) His tangents.

Jayce will often start into long stories, where the words and sentences all kind of run together, and refuses to repeat himself if we miss a part of it, which we often do.  The other night before bed he started telling me something about Fireman Sam, and I was waiting for him to pause for a breath so that I could try to figure out what he was talking about.  Suddenly I realized that he was telling me about one of the Fireman Sam movies, which has 5 episodes, and was telling me about each episode in order.  “And in number 3, Fireman Saves the Day, there’s the dog and gets his head stuck, and Sam gets the water, and gets the hose, and he runs to him, and then they go to the place, and the lady gets a cake for him…”  On and on he goes.

I always try to listen extra hard when he starts into one of these tangents, especially if I know what he’s talking about, because I love hearing which details stand out in his mind as the most important parts of the story.

J 3

5.) His canarium.

Otherwise known as an aquarium. Grandma got him this for Christmas, and though I cringed at first at the thought of having to take care of fish, I quickly realized that it is just a fake aquarium nightlight thing.  Jayce loves it and will just sit and stare at it.  He calls it his canarium.  Chris and I have talked about it, and decided that we will never correct him.  We just might call it the canarium as well, so that he never changes the way he pronounces it.  Not really, but it’s so tempting.


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  1. Owen called where we live a "department building" until he was six. I think "canarium" could last at least that long. 🙂 (And, no, I never corrected him.)

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