On Non-Milk and Hannah’s Bubble Shorts

Shorts 5When Hannah was a baby, between 6 and 12 months, we discovered that she wouldn’t take a bottle, wouldn’t have anything to do with formula in any form, and wouldn’t drink any version of cow’s milk, goat milk, soy milk, etc, just mom’s milk.  No pressure.  Also, she was always tiny, which paired with the above information about her eating preferences, caused me lots of anxiety, tears, and panicked conversations with Chris, her doctor, my friends, my mom, etc.  Shorts 6Over a year later, we are still in that same boat.  Though we make sure she gets calcium and healthy fats through various other sources, occasionally a trip to the store causes me to fall into a state of anxiety/despair with all sorts of thoughts of how terrible of a mom I am and how my child hasn’t grown, etc.  

Shorts 7

A few weeks ago I had one of these mornings out of nowhere when I was trying to find some shorts to fit Miss Hannah.  I tried on and put back the 2T, the 18-24 months, the 12-18 months, and when I was rifling through the pile for 6-12 months I started to cry, and then I just left.  I remembered this pattern for bubble pockets shorts that I’d seen on various different blogs and I came home and bought it.  And then I used some leftover fabric and made the most amazing and adorable shorts ever.
Shorts 4For the record, Hannah doesn’t typically wear a size 6-12 months.  She is in that 18-24 month range, and is healthy, happy, and we have no reason to be concerned.  But sometimes that horrible “mom guilt” charges in and takes over.  
I had a funny sense of empowerment as I sewed up these beauties while she napped that day.  That my girl is fine and I’m doing just fine as her mom and meeting her needs.  And if we can’t find some shorts to fit her, then I’m going to MAKE her some shorts that fit her, and that will be the end of it.Shorts 2Shorts 3And so I did.  And we had yogurt to celebrate my success.
Shorts 9

4 thoughts on “On Non-Milk and Hannah’s Bubble Shorts

  1. Making something adorable sounds like a great antidote to that pesky mom-guilt, which we all know is inaccurate, but we can't help battling anyway. And those shorts are adorable! Good work, momma, both on the shorts and the battle!

  2. Sweet friend, I'm sorry Miss Hannah stresses you out about this stuff!
    Piper Jane still totally wears 6-12m and 12m clothes- and she wouldn't take a bottle either. THOSE GIRLS! UGH!
    By the way, she looks GREAT and healthy and you are doing a fantastic job. 🙂

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