On Sonograms and Pregnancy

Since my last post about pregnancy, things have been going a little bit better for me physically. I have felt a lot less miserable than I was previously, and I started saying to Chris when he gets home from work, “I actually felt pretty good almost all day today!” which is something. 🙂


I realized that I have been really disappointed, (in myself, I guess?) because the last few months I had been constantly waiting for the sickness to subside and my energy to come back. I had big plans for all of the things that I was going to accomplish with that 2nd trimester energy: getting ahead with my posts on Lemon Tree so that I can give myself a break around the time of the baby’s arrival, tearing down the craft room and turning it into a nursery, finally listing several things on Etsy that I’ve been putting off, getting Jayce potty trained, into a big boy bed, packing up/shifting around his clothes that are too small, toys that are too young, etc.

People sometimes ask me how I have time to make things every week for the blog in addition to normal everyday stuff that needs to be done, and the answer is that, like many people, I am a crazy multi-tasker. I eat lunch with one hand while I’m putting something together with the other. When paint is drying, I work on editing my photos. When my photos are being uploaded to the computer or exported to a file, I work on the blog. If I’m using my sewing machine, I only do it right after I’ve put Jayce down to bed otherwise it will wake him up, after which I work on a quieter task to maximize nap time.

But I’ve had to remind myself that when I’m pregnant, it’s all multi-tasking. Being pregnant and taking care of Jayce is multi-tasking. Being pregnant and making dinner is multi-tasking. Etc, etc.

Also, I’ve decided that I have to treat myself like I’m a very needy newborn. I need to eat every hour and rest more than seems necessary. If either of these things are neglected, it will take about 24 hours before I am back to normal again. Right now the best way for me to take care of the baby is to make taking care of myself a higher priority, something that I am typically not very good at doing. But I’m getting better, Chris is helping me, and Jayce has conceded to a lot more stories and snuggling. Also, I have been taking care of myself/getting lots of calcium for the baby with large cups of hot chocolate, occasionally with large homemade marshmallows. (I did not make them, but I am enjoying them.)


Also, in less than a week we will have “The Sonogram.” Aka, the one where we see the organs, the profile, and the gender.

I am really excited about this one, because I can’t wait to see the baby looking like a baby! It was cute that it looked like a teddy graham last time, but now I’m ready for more. With Jayce we had a 13 week ultrasound, and he was completely baby-looking by that point, so I feel like I’m overdue to see a cute little profile, a little nose, hands, legs, fingers and toes. (I ‘m aware that that sentence rhymed. I actually sat here for a half a minute trying to re-word that in my head so that it wouldn’t rhyme, but I decided to write this disclaimer instead of re-writing the sentence.)


Regarding the gender, a lot of people have been asking me what we’d/I’d like and I’ve been truthfully replying, “Oh, I don’t care.” Which they often followed up with, “Well, yes, of course, so long as the baby’s healthy…” This is true, obviously everyone wants a healthy baby. But I do feel like it waters down my response a little bit. The honest answer is that I will be thrilled to have a boy or thrilled to have a girl. Jayce is such a great kid and is just so much fun, previous potty training discussions excluded. Every time that he enters a new stage, a big part of me is sad that my little boy will no longer do the thing that he used to do. So if we have a boy, I’ll get to do it all over again and I’m really excited about that!! But then again, I like the idea of having a boy and a girl: it’s nice and balanced, he can look out for her, etc. I’ve never had a daughter before, obviously, and I’d like to see the ways that it is different for Chris and I. But if we have a boy, he will be born at the same time of year as Jayce was, so I’m all set with little boy clothes. But if we have a girl then I’ll get to get the bedding that I really like, and get some of those sweet girl clothes that I’ve been passing by for the past few years. Listing the reasons why I’d want one or the other seems silly, and truly, I’m just glad to have another little snuggle bug.

Also, I’m ready to know. I’m a big planner, and I know that the planning is just a manifestation of my excitement. I had a full (mini) notebook when I was pregnant with Jayce, and so far this kid only has a short list. I’m ready to move forward from some of the planning into some doing, because I’d like to make a few things for this baby and the nursery before my energy completely runs out! 🙂

Stay tuned for our fun news on Monday!

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  1. Oh, so exciting. All of it. The pregnancy, the sonogram, everything is exciting when you are pregnant. Not easy but definitely exciting. So glad you are making it a priority to take good care of yourself! That is awesome. And seriously get all the rest you can now because it does not happen once you have more than one kid! : ) (I know everyone says that but it is so very true) I can't wait to hear on Monday!

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