One Day

Monday was one of those “meh” kind of days.  Jayce was off of school, we had run around a lot on Sunday so we were tired, and we were all just sick enough to justify hanging around the house all day.
 It was one of those days where you realize that there is no reason for anyone to change out of their pjs all day long.  I grabbed my camera.

One Day 1

It occurred to me that we were in a similar situation at this time a year before, when Chris was in the US and the kids and I were all really sick.  I had decided to document our day with one photo an hour, here.
It is the strangest coincidence that I published that blog on February 17 2013, and I took these pictures all day on February 17 2014.  Right?  An honest to goodness coincidence.  So I decided to do (roughly) the same.


One Day 2One Day 4

Last week at ballet class the teacher had the girls take a ribbon, lay it in a straight line across the floor, and jump back and forth over it.  Hannah re-creates this with a  string of beads. 

One Day 5One Day 6

Jayce is already heavily invested in a few different Lego “scenes.”  They evolve throughout the day.

One Day 10

Hannah wants a snack, and shares with Iggle Piggle and Upsie Daisy.
One Day 7One Day 9
Jayce shows me some new things that he has just put together, and when I ask him which things he has built that aren’t from sets, he shows me several, including an extensive description of this “coal mine.”  I’m impressed.
One Day 11One Day 12
Hannah asks to paint.  I’m not up for it, so I offer play dough as a concession.  Jayce and one Lego man join in.

One Day 13One Day 15One Day 16

 We shift back into the living room.  Hannah has a costume change, as she does a million times a day, and decides to have a sack race with some pillowcases that are drying nearby.  Jayce joins us.

One Day 17One Day 18

Lunchtime.  Jayce has Nutella on his sandwich, (thanks Chris), and there is no picture because we don’t want to talk about it.  Hannah has plain peanut butter.  I distract her from this by letting her make her sandwich and use a cookie cutter.  Everyone wins.

One Day 28

It’s time for Hannah’s nap.  Jayce asks to rest.  I’m happy it was his idea and not mine and I turn on a movie.

One Day 20

Hannah climbs into our bed while I run downstairs for her blanket.  We eventually read together even though she started without me, and dig into the classic Even Firefighters Go to the Potty.

One Day 22One Day 25

One Day 29One Day 27
Jayce rests.  AKA, Jayce watches Bambi while reading a Lego Superhero book and periodically leaps from the chair to the ottoman to the couch and back again.  It’s very restful.
I have a cup of coffee, answer some emails, and edit some pictures.  We all rest.
One Day 26
The peanut snoozes with her full cast of characters: Bear, Buzzy Bee, Kitty Yellow, Blankey Pink, Blankey White, and Blankey Strawberry. 
One Day 31One Day 32
Hannah is still asleep so Jayce and I build with Duplo blocks.  He informs me of how I’m doing it wrong but eventually approves of the rocket that I build.  He has hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows, eats the marshmallows, and gives the rest to me.

One Day 33One Day 34

It is the witching hour.
 It’s too late to leave the house, too early to start dinner, the kids are both bored and wrecking the house, and I want to fold clothes but I’m too tired.  I made the wrong choice early on-we should have gone somewhere, anywhere, because they are going crazy.  Hannah has stripped down and I have not yet attempted to re-dress her, though it would be her fourth time getting fully undressed and then re-dressed today.  We call mom on Skype and talk to her until Chris and Chelsea get home.  
I miss the 5 o’clock hour, which is a mess of dinner prep, dinner eating, dinner chaos, and dinner clean up.

One Day 36

The kids and Chris head upstairs for the evening pre-bath game of wrestle/attack/punch dad, affectionately called “bellies out” as I’ve mentioned many times before.  I sneak a few pictures as I sometimes do.  

One Day 37One Day 39One Day 38

The “Hulk Hands” are a recent and welcome addition to the game. 

One Day 40

I have never managed to get the camera back out once we enter into bath time, pjs, story time, and bedtime because there is just too much momentum at that point in the day to slow down for any reason.  The kids fall asleep relatively quickly, and the adults crash downstairs.
And that’s a wrap. 

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