Organized Disorganization


That old saying about getting spoiled at Grandma’s house was true for us this holiday weekend.  Though Jayce was spoiled by the usual stuff, toys and snacks and whatnot, there were also a few surprise bonuses, such as non-child safety locked drawers, and Tupperware on the bottom.


This happened a few different times over the weekend.  The first time was while I was asleep and I just discovered a few pictures on my camera after the fact.  But I got to observe one of the unpacking sessions myself.  There was plenty of this,


and occasionally this.


We did discover on one spying session that these items were not being randomly thrown out of the drawer, but carefully placed around the room, with care taken to ensure that all of the bowls and lids were separated and put out individually.  Several of them started off in little rows that were eventually filled in, and by the end of the weekend, he had everything spread out all around the kitchen floor.  It was a good and important project.


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