Coke 11While Chris was away Jayce and I spent part of an evening making cinnamon ornaments.

Coke 1 2Coke 2 2Coke 3 2We’ve done this before and it’s always a hit.  It satisfies his desire to add ingredients, mix them, roll out the dough, and cut it into shapes, and it’s much less of an ordeal than making a batch of sugar cookies.  No baking, no frosting, less ingredients to mess with, etc.Coke 6 2Coke 7Coke 5 2Coke 4 2Although, eventually it just turned into playing with cinnamon scented play dough.  He made a few ornaments, then decided that he wanted to make them into chicken strips, “just in case anyone is hungry for chicken strips.”  So he rolled them out and then flattened them slightly.  It turned my stomach to see them all laying there on my kitchen counter, because they looked like, well, you can see what they looked like.  But I was not going to stop my chef in the middle of his masterpiece.Coke 8Coke 9All was well, until the next day when he wanted to lay all of those chicken strips on the tree.  🙂  Silly boy.  But it was still a successful project and evening for us all.

Ornament 1