Our Ballerina Girl

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Last Saturday Hannah had her last ballet practice of the term.  As is customary (I’m guessing, this is our first round) this week the families and friends were invited to watch a typical practice to see what the girls have been learning.  I imagine that at some point down the line there will be actual performances, but since this is a 2 year old class, this is what we did, and it worked out perfectly. 

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It’s been funny to watch Hannah in her class because she is just totally in her element.  Before we signed her up I was telling Chris about how the various “moms and toddlers” types of activities that we had been going to over the past year or so weren’t really working for her anymore.  She never stayed with me anymore and obviously wanted more independence, and she also seemed to want more instruction and interaction from whomever was leading the different groups.  She also needed something active.  Ballet has seemed to hit the nail on the head, perfectly.
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Hannah charges in every week and immediately sits down with the assistant instructor, whom she adores.  She is completely engaged (for the most part) with whatever little activity the teacher is doing with them at the moment, although the major thrill is when they get to skip, leap, hop, or run around the room.

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There are a few girls in the class who need to be coaxed into participating in the different activities, and a few others whose moms always join in in order to get their daughters to participate.  This is understandable given their age.  But Hannah doesn’t want any part of that.

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She waves as she runs by, smiles at us a lot, and even gave Chris a thumbs up this week.  But she is nothing other than delighted to have everyone’s attention and to literally be on stage.
Ballet 20
Jayce struggled, just a bit, with having to sit still on a chair while little girls ran in circles in front of him.  It will not be the last thing like this that he sits through, but next time we will probably come better prepared.  Like with his LeapPad.  But we reminded him a few times how he had just had his sharing assembly and this was Hannah’s sharing assembly.  I think he just wanted to run around and follow the instructions too.  He’s definitely our little rule follower.  

Ballet 16

Since they allowed pictures and filming this week we obviously took advantage.  Chelsea had double iPhone video going on.  She also got these awesome family photos of us. 🙂
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I promise the video will be coming soon.  You have to see this girl in action. 🙂

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