Our Favorite Jayce-sims Ever

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Immediately after publishing my Jayce-isms a few weeks ago, I realized that in my effort to be all-encompassing to the things that were happening right then, I was forgetting the most important things.  Our favorites.  The ones that we smile over the most on a daily basis.

And the winners are:

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1.) Wait for thi-is!

(Often pronounced, “Wait for thee-yis,” with an accent coming in from out of nowhere.  Chris might have an accent, he doesn’t say, thee-yis.)

This little gem is Chris’ favorite.  It comes at bedtime, and occasionally nap time, and is a stalling tactic that we always indulge because it’s so sweet.

He uses it at the very end of the bedtime routine, when he has already been read to, sang to, rocked, tucked into bed, prayed with, covered, with bears, told to stay in bed with Goodnights, I love yous, hugs and kisses.  Just as we pass through the doorway into the hall, (or a few minutes after), he sits up in bed and declares, “Dad! Wait for thi-is!” with his arms wide.  Chris walks back over, receives his hug, the many stages of a kiss, and then Jayce lies back down to go to sleep.

It’s his way of saying, “You almost left without this kiss!”  We like it.

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2.) Han-noculars

Much like binoculars, except you use your hands.

These often come out in the car, on our way somewhere.  I’ll say something like, “Let me know when you see the smokestacks.”  And he’ll say, “Okay mom, let me get my han-noculars.”  Then he intently looks out the window through his handnoculars, which obviously help him see better.  We have to hide our smiles, because this isn’t a game for him, it’s serious.

Jayce 4

3.) Un-rections

This one surfaced around Christmas time, when there were lots of instructions and directions with new games and toys, so Jayce simply combined the two words for the sake of efficiency.

Now, every time that we sit down to play Go Fish, even though he knows how to play, Jayce will hand me the card that came with the game and declare, “Mom, read me the un-rections,” which I do, in cliffnotes form.

He also often will make up a 5 step (or more) set of un-rections for whatever he’s doing.  Riding his bike, shooting the basketball, racing his cars around, etc.

Last week, I heard Chris say from the other room, “Jayce, it’s in-structions,” and I called, “Awww!” from the other room.


At least he’s still saying canarium.


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