Our Last Week

Move 4The last full week in July was our last week in Lincoln.

IMG 0748

Our last month was, overall, a good one.  Peppered with some setbacks, like having our passports lost and the visa applications stunted while we applied for brand new passports.  But it was also full of company, help, friends and family.

IMG 0835

It was a month full of “lasts.”   Last guys nights and girls nights, last play dates with various friends of both Jayce and Hannah.  (Unfortunately in my spaced-out state, I neglected to be as camera wielding as I typically am.)

IMG 0830IMG 0710

We had our last church visit.  Our last week with those Sunday afternoon traditions: nap, backyard sprinklers and swings, sidewalk chalk in this driveway, walks around the block, dinner at our favorite local restaurant and out for ice cream.

IMG 0823IMG 0827IMG 0821

Our last nights watching movies on our couch (which is sold), on our tv (sold), in our living room (sold).

IMG 0716

It was the last days rocking my baby girl in the rocker in her nursery.  Her last nights in a room that I put a lot of thought into, last nights in a crib that allowed both her and her brother to sleep safely and soundly, and will now be used by their new cousin.

IMG 0764

Jayce’s last night in his big boy room, complete with big boy bed.  His bed is now a big girl bed for his cousin Hadley.

IMG 0841IMG 0849

Lots of lasts.  Now I’m ready for some firsts.